2 Nov 2016

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

Present: Woody Thomson, Winona Pugh, Joanne Delage, Bernie Bowker, Pat Carfra and Mary Haig-Brown

  1. Adoption of the Agenda
  2. Adoption of the minutes from 7 September, 2016.
  3. Treasurer’s report – Joanne

Balance, 7 Sept, 2016 Cheque for sign installation New Balance


$1239.76 734.08*


*Installation by Saanich cost $1500. Money from Unitarian Church ($765.92) was being held for us by PSS. (765.92+734.08 =1500). Saanich is paid in full.

Cheques in Memory of Grace Bennett totaled $300.

4. Announcements:

a) Grace Bennett, 1925 – 2016. Long-time resident of Prospect Lake and a member of the Recycled Teenagers Walking Group. She loved camping and the outdoors. When she passed away in September her family asked

that donations in lieu of flowers be made to FTCW. We thank them for that.

  1. b)  Bus tour of Tod Creek Watershed was a big success with 40 people having a chance to see some of the restoration sites of the watershed. Letters and comments of appreciation to PSS are helpful to them when they are applying for grants.
  2. c)  PSS Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction November 19th at PL Community Hall. Suggested auction items:

    Hike up Mt Work – Winona will lead this and she and Mary will make the lunch. We suggest a minimum bid of $75.00. Winona will send a write up and picture to Francesca.

    Paddle on the lake – After some discussion about liability we decided to offer 3 or 4 canoes with one passenger in each. Canoes come from Pat C, Bernie B, Lori JD with Winona paddling and if necessary from Woody T. Min bid $75.00. Pat will send a write up and picture to Francesca.

    Wander around Killarney Lake – Mary will lead this and she and Judith Kirchner will make the lunch. Minimum bid $50.00. Mary will send a write up and picture to Francesca.

  3. d)  Stream-keepers course postponed until the spring. A notice will be circulated closer to the time.

e) Mary will retire in 1 1?2 years. Fair warning.

5. Projects:

  1. a)  Whitehead Park: Monday, 7 Nov. the removal of the final 2 exclosures and a plan for planting of the final section at the south end near the lake will take place with help from Saanich Parks Staff. On-going maintenance will always be needed.
  2. b)  Tod Creek Flats – This summer’s work included an extension of the berm southward which was mostly intact but needed the repair of some breached areas. Three cross ditches with culverts under the berm facilitate return of fish to the creek after a winter of feasting on the flats. Screens on the culverts to enable control of fish entry and installation of fish traps in order to monitor fish movement are much enhanced with head walls built by Michael Derry. Much riparian planting has been done.

6. Lake Stewardship – Winona reports lake monitoring continues. The lake has recently turned over so another session is planned for next week, either Friday, Nov. 11 or Saturday, Nov. 12. Please contact her if you would like to help.

Winona attended the B.C. Invasives workshop. Zebra mussels are a species of great concern. So far none are in Prospect Lake but we must be vigilant. The only way to be sure they do not arrive is to stop boats from using the lake if they have been in infested waters. This is probably not possible.

Lisa Rogers is the co-ordinator at Elk-Beaver Lake. She is very knowledgeable.

7. Maltby Lake – Woody reported they had a great invasive removal with help from the Green Team on Sunday, 23 October.

Saanich contract worker, Marika, surveyed the significant trees on the Maltby property. There was only time to do part of the property so Marika will be back.

Nov. 14 is the next court date for dealing with the final 6% of the TLC lands. Purchase may be in installments.

  1. Web site and Facebook – Lori is keeping both up to date. She is applying for a Small Sparks Grant to help with the computer work.
  2. Heritage – Winona reported they had their AGM last week. They discussed the New Societies Act, in particular the on- line filing system.

    They are expecting there will be grants available for the Canada 150 events.

10. Next meeting – January 4th
Location: Audrey Barnes house, 140 Kiowa Place.


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