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1 May 2019

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed. 

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Thank you to Lori and Michael for hosting our meeting

Attendance: Sherron MacPherson, Audrey Barnes, Winona Pugh, Pat Carfra, Bernie Bowker, Michael Derry, Mary Haig-Brown, Lori James Derry

Regrets: Anne Allen, Ian Duncan, Carmel Thomson, Janet Williams, Joanne Delage, Chris Weiczorek

1.Adoption of Agenda: Additions: Saanich Inlet Roundtable Thursday May 23rd, Rithets Bog Tour, Senanus Island work party, Previous Business – geothermal loop, David Gray documentaries, Fort Rodd Hill Tour: Water sustainability [see:  for info re “A Handbook for Water Champions: First Edition” posted on our Community Partners Page]: Salmon Fry Release on Thursday at Prospect Lake Elementary School, Wray Creek and on Friday Bayside Keating Salmon Fry Release [see photos on Kid’s Page ] : passed;

2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed;

3. Treasurers Report: Account total $505.64. Winona has paid the $50 Annual Membership for BC Lake Stewardship Society;

4. Announcements:

     a. Cedar Hill Park Plan Open House, 2 -5pm Saturday May 4th, at Cedar Hill Rec Center

Cedar Hill Park balances nature, community, and recreation in a harmonious way. People, place, and the environment share an intimate connection that fosters mutual health and well-being. We are all stewards of the park, committed to its long-term preservation and enhancement.

     b. Metchosin Biodiversity Walk and Talk

“Metchosin is a land of rare beauty and a home to important ecological resources. From her rocky shores on the Juan de Fuca Strait, to her rural and agricultural lowlands threaded with streams and lakes, to her conifer-populated highlands, Metchosin is home to a vast array of plants, algae, fungi, lichens, birds, mammals, arthropods, and marine life.”

Upcoming Talks:

May 10/11: Andrew Simon, Backyard Biodiversity
June 14: Nikki Wright, Eelgrass
September 6: Leah Ramsay, Dragonflies.
October 4: Anna Hall, Dolphins
November 8: Sharmin Gamiet, Mushrooms

     c. SEP Community Stewardship Workshop May 31 –June 2 registration still open.

See our Announcements Page for poster and more info:

5. Previous Business:
a. Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award: the committee met on March 20 & developed a draft of award criteria;

b. PIT tagged Coho released March 15 at Lohr road and on the DND Land.

For more information about Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Tags, see our link to Lohr Road    Scroll to the bottom of the page for these interesting photos;

c. application completed to partner with BC Invasive Species Society on Clean, Drain and Dry educational project

d. South Prospect Lake broom pull successful with focus on maintaining cleared area at the top of the park                      boundary;

e. Ian and Anne have offered to lead a bat house building workshop in the summer. Date to follow;

f. Carmel has published her article on the Prospect Lake Aquatic Plant sampling in

“Our Backyard” and the “BC Lake Stewardship newsletter”

6. Projects:

a. Tod Creek Flats: ongoing planning for the future of the Flats;
b. Whitehead Park: unfortunately, Shiny geranium is present. Weeding every Monday @ 09:30.
c. Watershed Management Plan: [update needed here]
d. Peninsula Streams: Fund Raiser Dinner/ Auction Nov 9th. Announcement to follow with details;
e. Website: always being updated and open to comments/ suggestions;
f. Heritage Society: will order six more “Reflections” books, one has pre-sold, five to have on hand. Sherron and Audrey are collecting Prospector Newsletters for Saanich Archives; Winona to judge “Heritage Kids” May 10th;
g. Maltby Lake: as Carmel not present, no current update;
h. Reports on Parksville 2019 Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate, Saanich Inlet Roundtable, Gary Oak Ecosystem Conference;
i. Water Quality and Aquatic Plant Sampling: date for May: Winona will talk to Ron & Joanne re date;

7. Print Lab will print our Logo Sign for a discount to us at $80.00 + tax.

Next Meeting: July 3, 7:30 at Maltby Lake.

6 March 2019

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
In Attendance: Janet Williams, Anne Allen, Audrey Barnes, Winona Pugh, Ian Duncan, Chris Weiczorek [see 5.a below], Pat Carfra, Lori James Derry
Regrets: Joanne Delage, Sherron MacPherson, Mary Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Carmel Thomson, Woody Thomson.
1. Adoption of Agenda: passed;

2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed;
3. Treasurers Report:
End of February account total = $505.64
Annual membership fees $40 for the BC Lake Stewardship Society are due

4. Correspondence: The Living Water Smart plan, a provincial strategy that outlines 45 commitments to improve freshwater management in B.C. While there has been notable headway on implementation, new research from the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, based at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies, reveals that nearly one-third of Living Water Smart commitments have seen minimal progress to date. The new report, Taking the Pulse: B.C. Freshwater Policy Monitor, evaluates provincial government promises over the past decade as they relate to sustaining fresh water. Link:

5. Announcements:

  • a. Update from Lana Popham – Chris Wieczorek, Executive Assistant to Lana Popham, Ministry of Agriculture. Chris plans to attend FTCW meetings when his schedule allows, is interested in Tod Flats developments, and the ‘Young Agrarians’ network for new and young ecological and organic farmers.  Link:  He will provide us with a status update re: Geothermal Loops in Saanich. 
  • b. Gary Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team Restoration and Research Workshop. 


  • c. Saanich Inlet Roundtable
    • Hosted by Cowichan Valley Regional District.  Mary & Winona attending, possibly more.
    • Agenda:
    • Thursday, March 14 – 2:30 to 4:50 pm
      Time                       Activity                                                               Responsibility
      2:30 pm         Welcome by Host         Lori Iannidinardo, CVRD Director, Area D, Cowichan Bay
      2:45 pm   Life History of the Giant Pacific Octopus                         Jim Cosgrove
      3:35 pm  VENUS Observatory in the Saanich Inlet           Richard Dewey, Associate Director
      Thirteen years and Counting                                 Ocean Networks Canada
    • Upcoming Roundtables
      • Thursday, May 23 – 2 to 4:30 pm  Central Saanich, Centre for Active Living, 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay
      • Thursday, November 14 – 2 to 4:30 pm    North Saanich,  SHOAL Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive , Sidney
  • d. Salmonid Enhancement Program
    • Community Workshop – 2019
               “Life in the Salmonsphere”

      • Hosted by: Nanaimo River Stewardship Society & Nanaimo River Hatchery
      • Location: Nanaimo, Vancouver Island University
      • Dates: May 31st  to June 2nd
        Registration package is underway and will be coming out soon. You can book accommodation now at Vancouver Island University by calling 1-250-740-6640. Specify the group as Nanaimo River Stewardship Society, learn about room options at the PSkF website below.  Info will be posted here as it becomes available:
      • Info from previous works can be viewed here:
      • The community workshop is a great opportunity for those passionate about salmon enhancement and stewardship to come together to share ideas, learn new skills, have fun and celebrate the accomplishments of the program and everyone who has played a role in the success of SEP over the past 42 years.  See you there!
  • e. Saanich Environment Awards:
    Saanich grants seven environmental awards every year. Since 2000, they have recognized over 135 people and organizations that contribute to the natural environment in Saanich. The Awards are an initiative of the Saanich Environment and Natural Areas Advisory Committee (ENA). Nominations for the 2019 awards will open March 6th 2019.

    •  Saanich Environmental Award categories: Individual, Volunteer organization, Business, Youth, Biodiversity conservation -To recognize local conservation efforts towards a species, habitat or ecosystem, Long-term environmental achievement -To recognize a lifetime of local environmental effort by an individual, Sustainability – To recognize a local contribution towards sustainability, integrating environmental, social and economic values.  Link:
  • f. Our Backyard
    Article by Carmel “Prospect Lake Aquatic Plant Survey and Water Quality Testing” was published in Our Backyard and there is interest from BCLSS to publish in “Loonie News”. Link:
  • g. Parksville 2019: 2nd Annual Vancouver Island Symposium on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate. April 2-4, 2019. Location Parksville Community and Conference Center.  Mary and Garth have registered for the conference; the group unanimously voted to reimburse them for the registration costs.
  • h. Climate Action Plan: Update for Adaption Action Workshop Tuesday March 12th from 09:00 to 12:00 at Cedar Hill Golf Course [1400 Derby Road].   Register  To read more go to:
  • i. Jason F. McLennan. MCPHERSON PLAYHOUSE MARCH 20, 7:00PM  “Victoria 2030 is a provocative look at the state of urban planning, architecture, the environment and community design…”    Link:

6. Water Quality Recording: March sampling: Thursday March 7th @ 1:00 pm, starting from Meadowbrook.

7. Logo Items – Possible logo items include stickers, cards and tattoos.

  • Jarid has provided a quote for cards and decals:
    Decals – 1.5” x 1.5” Clear Vinyl (weatherproof) 100  = $150, 200 =  $175, 300 = $200, + Tax
    Cards Folded and Scored w/ Envelopes (10” x 7” to 5” x 7” Card) 13 pt Enviro Uncoated Stock
    50 =  $140, 100 =  $165, 250 = $245, + Tax
  • Voted to hold for now.

8. Peninsula Streams Coho Release:

  • PIT tagged Coho will be released in March.  PIT tags are very small chips which have been inserted into the bellies of the fry.  There are three electronic arrays in the stream bed that will read the tags as the fish go over them either going out to sea or coming home to spawn in 2-3 years time.  Each tag has a specific number that is recorded so we will know where each of the tagged fish was hatched (Goldstream Hatchery), when and where it was put into Tod Creek and when  it goes out to sea and when it returns.  The arrays are in the creek above Tod Flats, below Tod Flats and at the dam in Gowlland Tod Park.
  • Link to Peninsula Streams web site:

9. Meeting with Elk Beaver Restoration Coordinator: Pat and Winona met with Jill Robinson, the new coordinator for the Elk Beaver Lake Restoration Project in January to share best practices.

9.a) Invasive Species Group sent an application Winona will fill out. They will send us signage re plant transfers [ie on boats, skis, wakeboards, surf boards, etc]  to post at Prospect Lake, Killarney Lake, Durrance Lake and perhaps Maltby Lake].  For more information:

10. South Prospect Lake Broom Pull: We are working with the Green Team to establish a date for the annual South Prospect Lake Broom Pull. on  Saturday April 6th. 

11. Heritage Society AGM for 2018 was held and two new projects have been established: we are working on a book to document the accomplishments of The Friends of Tod Creek Watershed under Mary’s leadership; and are collecting early editions of the Prospector, to be donated to the Saanich Archives. The group has access to copies of the David Gray documentaries on Tod Inlet and Chris will host a viewing at Lana Popham’s office meeting room [time and date to be posted when booked]. David Gray also has published a book with photos collected from the documentary research. The book is on order and if delivered in time will be available at the dvd viewing.

12. Mary Haig Brown Award   Discussion: The committee will meet on March 20.

  • Purpose: To recognize an individual for outstanding service in the restoration and protection of the Tod Creek Watershed.
  • Criteria: Collaborates with and educates others to identify strategies and solutions for the protection and enhancement of the watershed; Demonstrates commitment, consistency and reliability to the projects undertaken by the FTCW; Approaches opportunities and issues with curiosity, integrity and collaboration; Shows initiative through leadership, hands on effort, advocacy, administrative work and/or support of others.

13. Website Update: Lori continues to expand the site and welcomes all input.

14. Maltby Lake Update: Carmel and Woody were unable to attend tonight.

2 January 2019

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

Thank you to Audrey for hosting our meeting.

In Attendance: Winona Pugh, Mary Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Garth van der Kamp, Pat Carfra, Audrey Barnes, Michael Derry, Joanne Delage, Carmel Thomson, Lori James Derry

Regrets: Anne Allen, Ian Duncan, Sherron MacPherson, Janet Williams

1. Adoption of agenda: passed;

2. Adoption of meeting notes: passed;

3. Treasurers report: closing balance as of November 7, 2018 $494.68.

  • Current balance: $505.64 [including a generous anonymous donation of $200];

4. Correspondence: a thank you note was sent to Rob Wickson for meeting with the FOTCW regarding Saanich election.

  • Thank you to Carmel and Lori for designing a custom FTCW card;

5. Announcements:

a) “Living Water Smart” was published by the BC Gov’t 10 years ago. ?

POLIS has just published “Taking the Pulse: BC Freshwater Policy Monitoring” to comment on progress.

  • Both of these are available on line;

b) Gov’t of Canada SEP funding has produced “Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) Tod Creek Enhancement Plan.”  This lays out a programme for Coho reintroduction in our watershed.  Work has already started with some (300) smolts to be released with PIT tags enabling monitoring as they pass antenna in Tod Creek.

  • Learn more on Tuesday evening, January 15 from Melissa Nottingham. Input for discussion topics has been requested.
    Winona will update the web site regarding where & time this meeting will take place.
  • See our “Kid’s Page” for some educational information from the as-yet unpublished DRAFT.

c) The Pugh Covenant located on the edge of the Tod Creek Watershed has been completed with local media interest providing positive coverage.

d) The College of Applied Biology has released the report regarding the Ted Lea complaints.

6. Previous Business:

a) Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award – meeting date to be determined by the Committee;

b) One organic farmer has committed to farming a portion of Tod Flats, property for sale has been taken off the market;

c) Whitehead Park: Saanich crews removed more yellow flag iris roots, mimulus has been planted, a successful work party was held on November 24 with cardboard and mulch spread on the west side of the creek.

  • Thank you to Pat Carfra and Ian Duncan for obtaining and delivering the carboard;

d) Tod Creek enhancement Plan – Salmonid Enhancement Program will be introduced (see 5b above);

7. Projects:

a) Water Quality Sampling continues with hope to add flow rates to our data.

  • Peninsula Streams is interested in collecting data bank for streams within their operations. We now have over three years of information.
  • Garth, Mary, Michael & Winona will get out for next sampling Sat 5th @ 1 pm;

b) Promotions: Ian Duncan will contact local printer Jarid Taylor at BRANDIGENOUS for promotional material, stickers, business cards and correspondence cards with the FTCW logo;

c) Power to Be had a biophysical assessment done of their property.  They sent us a copy, which Winona can send electronically.

  • I have emailed Power to Be to request: we include them on our website under “Community Partners” and that I can put a link here to the assessment.
  • We appreciate the help given us by Jay Cole of Power to Be at our Monday morning sessions in Whitehead Park;

d) Peninsula Streams Society is continuing the planning for work on lower Tod Creek in order to allow returning fish to get above the dam before they are eaten by seals. They hope to involve Camosun Engineering students in this project;

e) CRD Watershed page –working on submission for inclusion of Tod Creek Watershed on CRD web page.

  • Carmel, Winona and Lori will attend to this submission;

f) Blue Green Algae: Jill Robinson, Elk Beaver Lake Initiatives Coordinator has contacted Pat about her photos of Blue Green Algae bloom submitted last year.

  • As Jill is interested in connecting with FTCW, there will be a meeting possibly at Pat’s, including Mary & Winona;

g) Heritage Society: planning AGM early in January, notice will be sent out re when and where.

  • the Heritage Society will show David R. Gray‘s videos: Beyond the Gardens’ Wall: The Immigrant Workers of Tod Inlet and [time permitting, or at a later meeting] Searching for the Sikhs of Tod Inlet.
  • His “…company was established in 1993 to provide research and multimedia communication services to governments, non-government institutions and private organizations. We specialize in the Canadian Arctic, the environment, and community history. We create documentary films, written publications, museum exhibits and virtual museum exhibitions. Our services include research, writing, editing and filmmaking.”
  • Check out the web site here:

h) Maltby Lake: Carmel did not add current information for update;

i) Webpage updates: Visit our website and contact Lori for any comments, submissions, and photos to add;

j) Saanich Newsletter “Our Backyard” is looking for submissions by Jan 16th. Winona and Carmel will confer;

k) South Prospect Lake Broom Pull, April/ May: Mary will contact Green Team, and secure volunteers.

Next Meeting : March 6, 2019 7:30 pm at Michael & Lori’s