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2 January 2019

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

Thank you to Audrey for hosting our meeting.

In Attendance: Winona Pugh, Mary Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Garth van der Kamp, Pat Carfra, Audrey Barnes, Michael Derry, Joanne Delage, Carmel Thomson, Lori James Derry

Regrets: Anne Allen, Ian Duncan, Sherron MacPherson, Janet Williams

1. Adoption of agenda: passed;

2. Adoption of meeting notes: passed;

3. Treasurers report: closing balance as of November 7, 2018 $494.68.

  • Current balance: $505.64 [including a generous anonymous donation of $200];

4. Correspondence: a thank you note was sent to Rob Wickson for meeting with the FOTCW regarding Saanich election.

  • Thank you to Carmel and Lori for designing a custom FTCW card;

5. Announcements:

a) “Living Water Smart” was published by the BC Gov’t 10 years ago. ?

POLIS has just published “Taking the Pulse: BC Freshwater Policy Monitoring” to comment on progress.

  • Both of these are available on line;

b) Gov’t of Canada SEP funding has produced “Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) Tod Creek Enhancement Plan.”  This lays out a programme for Coho reintroduction in our watershed.  Work has already started with some (300) smolts to be released with PIT tags enabling monitoring as they pass antenna in Tod Creek.

  • Learn more on Tuesday evening, January 15 from Melissa Nottingham. Input for discussion topics has been requested.
    Winona will update the web site regarding where & time this meeting will take place.
  • See our “Kid’s Page” for some educational information from the as-yet unpublished DRAFT.

c) The Pugh Covenant located on the edge of the Tod Creek Watershed has been completed with local media interest providing positive coverage.

d) The College of Applied Biology has released the report regarding the Ted Lea complaints.

6. Previous Business:

a) Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award – meeting date to be determined by the Committee;

b) One organic farmer has committed to farming a portion of Tod Flats, property for sale has been taken off the market;

c) Whitehead Park: Saanich crews removed more yellow flag iris roots, mimulus has been planted, a successful work party was held on November 24 with cardboard and mulch spread on the west side of the creek.

  • Thank you to Pat Carfra and Ian Duncan for obtaining and delivering the carboard;

d) Tod Creek enhancement Plan – Salmonid Enhancement Program will be introduced (see 5b above);

7. Projects:

a) Water Quality Sampling continues with hope to add flow rates to our data.

  • Peninsula Streams is interested in collecting data bank for streams within their operations. We now have over three years of information.
  • Garth, Mary, Michael & Winona will get out for next sampling Sat 5th @ 1 pm;

b) Promotions: Ian Duncan will contact local printer Jarid Taylor at BRANDIGENOUS for promotional material, stickers, business cards and correspondence cards with the FTCW logo;

c) Power to Be had a biophysical assessment done of their property.  They sent us a copy, which Winona can send electronically.

  • I have emailed Power to Be to request: we include them on our website under “Community Partners” and that I can put a link here to the assessment.
  • We appreciate the help given us by Jay Cole of Power to Be at our Monday morning sessions in Whitehead Park;

d) Peninsula Streams Society is continuing the planning for work on lower Tod Creek in order to allow returning fish to get above the dam before they are eaten by seals. They hope to involve Camosun Engineering students in this project;

e) CRD Watershed page –working on submission for inclusion of Tod Creek Watershed on CRD web page.

  • Carmel, Winona and Lori will attend to this submission;

f) Blue Green Algae: Jill Robinson, Elk Beaver Lake Initiatives Coordinator has contacted Pat about her photos of Blue Green Algae bloom submitted last year.

  • As Jill is interested in connecting with FTCW, there will be a meeting possibly at Pat’s, including Mary & Winona;

g) Heritage Society: planning AGM early in January, notice will be sent out re when and where.

  • the Heritage Society will show David R. Gray‘s videos: Beyond the Gardens’ Wall: The Immigrant Workers of Tod Inlet and [time permitting, or at a later meeting] Searching for the Sikhs of Tod Inlet.
  • His “…company was established in 1993 to provide research and multimedia communication services to governments, non-government institutions and private organizations. We specialize in the Canadian Arctic, the environment, and community history. We create documentary films, written publications, museum exhibits and virtual museum exhibitions. Our services include research, writing, editing and filmmaking.”
  • Check out the web site here:

h) Maltby Lake: Carmel did not add current information for update;

i) Webpage updates: Visit our website and contact Lori for any comments, submissions, and photos to add;

j) Saanich Newsletter “Our Backyard” is looking for submissions by Jan 16th. Winona and Carmel will confer;

k) South Prospect Lake Broom Pull, April/ May: Mary will contact Green Team, and secure volunteers.

Next Meeting : March 6, 2019 7:30 pm at Michael & Lori’s 

7th Nov 2018

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Meeting Notes: November 7, 2018, 7:00pm

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Thank you to Pat for hosting our meeting

In Attendance: Carmel Thomson, Audrey Barnes, Anne Allen, Ian Duncan, Bernie Bowker, Pat Carfra, Mary Haig-Brown, Winona Pugh, Joanne Delage, Lori James Derry

Regrets: Sherron MacPherson, Garth van der Kamp

1. Adoption of Agenda: passed

2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed

3. Treasurers Report: closing balance as of Sept 5, 2018 $494.68

4. Announcements:

a) Peninsula Streams -Tickets are now on sale for our Fall Social~! $25 each, via Eventbrite.
Date:  Saturday November 17th, Time:  6:30 – 9:00 PM      Location:  McTavish Academy of Arts(1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich).   Please join us for appies, a short film about the history of Tod Inlet, a review of our recent stream projects and plans for 2019, and of course good times with good friends!

b) Sidney Summit On Habitat and Environment – $25 Fee for Speakers

Date: Saturday November 10 Time: 8:00 -4:00,  Location: Mary Winspear Center Speakers include Elizabeth May, Bob McDonald, Robert Bateman and Adam Olsen. Displays include Friends of Tod Creek Watershed, Friends of Maltby Lake ,Peninsula Streams and Saanich Inlet Protection Society.  and TLC.

5. Previous Business: 

a. Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award small committee composed of Bernie Bowker, Sherron MacPherson & Audrey Barnes will meet at Audrey’s to develop proposal.

b. Secchi Dip In results and article by Carmel published in Our Backyard and BC Lake Stewardship Society newsletter.      Download:

 c. McCall Gardens Tour – informative tour with Trevor McCall of  building and restoration project on the grounds of Sequoia Gardens. Six people attended.

d. Power to Be Open House – information and input into plans  for Power to Be programs and facilities. They have a 25 year lease; currently plan to rezone for overnight camping [note: rezoning will expire with the lease]. 

 e. Green Shores Training Program: Winona attended a one day workshop to introduce basic shoreline ecosystem principles and management

 f. BC Lake Stewardship Society AGM [call-in AGM]:  positive financial and programming reports  Government funding is in place again; BCLSS looking for venues for programs. 

  g. Saanich Inlet Roundtable    Topics included Flow Dynamics of Saanich Inlet (Dr. Roberta Hamme, UVic ), Swimming Advisories Brentwood Bay (CRD, VIHA, Central Saanich), Live Aboards [Central Saanich leading this], Fisheries Poaching (Melissa Nottingham) MPs and MLAs Updates (Elizabeth May, Chris for Lana Popham, Adam Olsen). 

6. Projects:  

a. Tod Creek Flats: waiting re progress [ie organic farmers]. Peninsula Streams is collecting data. 

b. Whitehead Park –mulch and planting work party will be announced for Sat Nov 24th @ 09:30. Also a request for cardboard; meanwhile Pat will call around to find a good source:

  • Rick Hatch will send staff to clean up the Yellow flag iris in Whitehead Park this week;
  • Mary will talk to Jenny about a “Talk & Walk Tour” for the New Year;

c. Tod Creek Enhancement Plan: The draft Salmonid Enhancement Plan for Tod Creek is designed to further the Canadian Government’s goal of restoring and maintaining salmon populations;

d. Peninsula Streams Society is continuing to improve habitat in Tod and Killarney Creeks;

e. Promotions: 

( i) Friends of Tod Creek Watershed Website – recent updates include water flow information and aquatic plant sampling. Audrey will submit her 3 years of water sampling data to be added to the Hydrology Page. Ian has a photo re same to be added also;

( ii ) CRD Watersheds’ Web PageSpecifically our ambition/goal to ensure the Tod Creek Watershed (the 2nd largest watershed on the peninsula) has a presence on the CRD’s “Featured Watershed” web page;

( iii) Saanich Community Association Web Page Our enquiries and goal into the FTCW having a presence, and the recent adjustments to the page have resulted in changes;  (iv) Friends of Tod Creek Watershed display and graphics panel costs $209, display items $20: All paid for by a generous anonymous donation; (v) Printing stickers, bumper stickers, posters, cards with Friends of Tod Creek Watershed logo, input an discussion requested. Ian Duncan       will talk to his nephew re Business Cards with our logo;

 f. Heritage Society: date for AGM to be determined. Winona will talk to Lana Popham’s office re space there for our meeting;

g. Maltby Lake Update: Fall 2018  

  • (i) We published a re-introduction “Fall Update” on the status of Maltby Lake; 
  • See:        
  • (ii) The July Secchi Dip-in – The FTCW, FMLWS and Peninsula Streams were featured in the BCLSS recent newsletter. An edited version of the article also appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of Our Backyard [see 5.b above]. The 2 graphs are of significance and congratulate both Friends’ groups for steadfastly collecting data. What a committed group of volunteers! Lovely to see the group photo included in the publication;  
  • (iii) Election 2018We provided all 2018 Mayor and Council Candidates with background information about Maltby Lake, as it relates to Rural Saanich’s Local Areal Plan, and then asked only one question. Overall, we received a positive response from the Saanich candidates. Maltby Lake appears to certainly be registered in the minds of most. Still, there is much work ahead. See responses received here:  
  • (iv) Our Backyard – Maltby Lake. We are delighted to have 3-pages of Our Backyard dedicated to Maltby Lake. Publicly sharing information is good because it raises awareness of the special character of Maltby Lake;  
  • (v) Freshwater Jellyfish – Social Media: We posted a brief introduction about Maltby Lake’s jellyfish to the FMLWS facebook page. In less than 48 hours, the post had reached 1600 people and engaged 500. I am keenly aware that raising our profile also raises questions and increases our workload;   
  • (vi) Freshwater Sponge. With assurance, we are now able to share information about Maltby Lake’s Freshwater Sponge. We extend a sincere thank you to Dr. Rick Nordin who ID-ed at least two species and spoke to their rarity and the uniqueness of Maltby Lake described below:

“It is significant that Maltby Lake contains populations of both jellyfish and sponges. Although these two groups of organisms are common in the marine environment, it is very unusual to find them in freshwater.                                                    

Where they do occur in lakes, both jellyfish and sponges are generally considered to be ecological indicators of unproductive and undisturbed lakes – where little human activity has occurred in the watershed and the conditions are relatively stable and show no significant deterioration.”      

Dr. Rick Nordin, University of Victoria

h. Water Quality, Flow Measurement and Aquatic Plant Sampling. Mary, Winona & likely Garth will do this Friday at 1:00 pm.

7. Next Meeting: January 2nd, 7:30 pm at Audrey’s. Please note time is 7:30.

5th Sept 2018

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Thank you to Woody and Carmel for hosting our meeting

In Attendance: Sherron MacPherson, Michael Derry, Janet Williams, Ian Duncan, Audrey Barnes, Joanne Delage, Pat Carfra, Garth van der Kamp, Woody Thomson, Mary Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Carmel Thomson, Winona Pugh, Anne Allen, and Lori James Derry

1. Adoption of Agenda: passed

2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed

3. Treasurers Report: closing balance as of July 4, 2018 $444.68

4. Announcements:

a. Green Shores Training Program Tuesday October 23 9:00am – 4:00pm University of Victoria.                   A one day workshop to introduce basic shoreline ecosystem principles and management

b. BC Lake Stewardship Society AGM Tuesday September 18 phone in 12:00 noon  [see their web site for  details]

  • Winona will mail in notes at your requests, email her with your suggestions

c. Oil’s Deep State: Kevin Taft ,Wednesday September 12 7:00- 9:00pm

  • Lori will email the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed logo to be included on supporters list

d. Saanich Council MeetingGeothermal Loop application Monday September 17th 7:00pm

e. Saanich Inlet Roundtable – October 11th at Shoal Point Center: Winona will send out the agenda when she gets it

5. Previous Business:

a. Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award: Small committee of Audrey, Sherron, Pat & Bernie will develop a proposal regarding this award
b. Secchi Dip In results and article by Carmel Thomson can be read:
c. McCall Gardens Tour – date to be determined, Winona will send out an email for participants
d. Power to Be tour – indication of interest, they would like to give us a tour, Winona will arrange for a Sunday afternoon, to include the most people

6. Projects

a. Tod Creek Flats

  • recent tour shows it will take a lot of rehab for farmers, we hope for a good show of interest from organic farmers, whom Mary will connect with the landowners

b. Whitehead Park

  • Winona to arrange for a work party soon, after the rains soften the soil for us to work in
  • weekly maintenance group continues to meet Mondays at 9:30 am and welcomes all joiners

c. Watershed Management Plan

  • Mary has written a Water Management Plan, and will present Data Collection at a later date
  • Garth is working on Tod Creek Watershed Flows Survey, and invites interested people to join him at any time. His objective is to observe and estimate stream flows in the watershed at as many access points as possible [typically where the streams pass beneath roads and trails] during a short time period [ideally a few hours] and after a prolonged dry period. This provides a strong indication of deep persistent groundwater discharge to the streams and also serves as a base for comparison with future changes of flow regimes due to climate change and land-use change.

d. Peninsula Streams

  • Annual Fund Raiser looking for venue/s that support salmon enhancement

e. Website

f. Heritage Society

  • AGM coming up, date & time will be sent out by Winona
  • Carmel shared the 1889 Land Grant to Richard Maltby

g. Maltby Lake

  • Carmel would like to promote a Saanich “Planning Dept” for landowners who are gifting &/or protecting property, much like the current “Planning Dept” for developers. It’s a steep learning curve regarding logistics and assistance would foster community members wishing to take this direction.

h. Prospect Lake Community Association invitation to provide article on Whitehead Park for community newsletter and have FOTCW poster display at AGM.  Winona will enquire what newsletter the invitation is for; and we would like to have a display at the AGM on Oct 24th

i. Water Quality and Aquatic Plant Sampling on Wednesday, September 5th

 Next Meeting: November 7th, 7:00 pm at Pat Carfra’s