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4 March 2020

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed Agenda

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Thank you Anne & Ian for hosting the March meeting.

Attendance: Gwen Curry, Janet Williams, Mary Haig-Brown, Valerie Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Audrey Barnes, Winona Pugh, Lori James, Anne and Ian

Regrets: Pat Carfra and Sherron MacPherson

1. Adoption of agenda;

2. Adoption of January 7, 2020 meeting notes;

3. Treasurers report: January account balance $225.68

4. Announcements:

5. Previous Business:

  • a] Colquitz River Walk: Winona will put out a couple of dates;
  • b] Aquatic Plant Survey results: no word from Adolf Cesca yet;
  • c] Bat box building workshop – workshop date Tuesday, March 3. Cost $50. With Thanks to Steve at Ceanesse Kitchens Ltd on Alpha Street. Winona to send a card;
  • f] Tod Creek Watershed Connections publication – a limited number of copies are available for sale. Lori will be ordering more when the next sale comes up;
  • g] CRD Featured Watersheds website – Winona has contacted the Watershed manager, Dan Saprunoff to inquire about including the Tod Creek Watershed as a featured watershed on the CRD website. No new developments from CRD;
  • h] Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award – nominations may be made by contacting any member of the Nominating Committee.

6. Projects:

  • a] Bus tour of the watershed dependent on finding funding. Grant applications may be possible through the Prospect Lake Heritage Society. In the Fall, we will apply to PSF for ~ $500;
  • b] Tod Creek FlatsFascinating meeting with Judy and Dave Wallace recorded by Pat. Kathleen has located an extensive survey of bird species through the Victoria Natural History Society. Retired biologist Eric Lofroth has provided advice on possible partners and options for protecting the flats as wetlands and next steps. Roger Graves will be the liaison with the land owners. Mary will pursue the people Dave & Judy mentioned; Lori & Gwen will start a photographic Tod Flats plant ID series;
  • c] Whitehead Park – we have met to complete the Restoration Plan for the west side and submitted the plan to Saanich. Mary, Audrey, Lori and Kathleen met with the new Park Stewardship Coordinator, Katie Turner and Jill Tuson. New plants have arrived and a planting party is needed -possible dates for a Monday morning. Dates [Katie Turner, Park Coordinator notified]:
    1) Planting the native plants in Whitehead Park: Monday March 16th,
         2) South Prospect Lake broom pull or bash: Saturday June 20th,
         3) Clearing the r-o-w opposite Meadowbrook: Saturday May 30th;
  • d] Peninsula Streams updateTwo releases of coho have been completed, the first 3,000 were released at Lohr Road and Durrance Creek on February 13 after the storm water had subsided. The second release of 500 PIT coho was completed February 28
  • e] Website – A new documentary Secret Victoria: Rush to Freedom has been featured on the website (Local Publications) in honor of Black History month. The short film is the story of the first Afro- American settlers in Victoria;
  • f] Heritage Society Knowing Tod Inlet was a successful event held in celebration of BC Heritage week in partnership with Lana Popham, MLA. Approximately 40 people attended the event which featured documentaries by David Gray and readings by Gwen Curry;
  • g] Maltby Lake -winter storm caused several trees to blow down and power outages;
  • h] March Water Quality measurements: Ian, Mary, Winona & Valerie will do on Thursday March 12th;
  • I] Saanich Streams would like to know of any erosion or stream work that is needed;

7. New Business:

  • a] Application to become a Society
  • b] Emergency Contact for spills, dead fish, other environmental contamination concerns [list from Dorothy     Chambers]:

The order in which you call these numbers does not matter, but for EMBC is #1…
Once you have the DGIR # you can quote it to the other authorities….

#1….EMBC… the number on the yellow salmon key chain…1-800-663-3456. Emergency Management BC… formerly PEP

This is your number one call… ask for a DGIR # and a call back…. This stands for Dangerous Goods Incident Report… it is the file number attached to your call.  Get this number, as you use it to then proceed with other calls and quote it….

#2… RAPP…. Report All Polluters and Poachers…. 1-877-952-7277. This is also called the Natural Resource Violations Report Line

#3… DFO report line…. 1-800-465-4336. ORR, Observe, Record and Report line

#4…. FFHPP… Fisheries and Fish Habitat Protection Program….1-866-845-6776

c] Campaign to Stop CRD Spread of Toxic Biosolids at Hartland: Winona, Audrey & Mary will organize a group to collect & share info and talk to Lana & Adam;

d] Thank you to those who completed the Watershed Governance survey. POLIS Water Sustainability Project – UVic.

e] Saanich Environmental Awards are coming up: Suggested we nominate Red Barn [Business] and Richard Hebda [Individual Environmental Achievement].

f] The group decided not to become a Society.

Next meeting: Wednesday May 6th at Mary & Bernie’s. 

8 January 2020

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Agenda:  Jan 8th @ 7:30pm
Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Thank you to Audrey for hosting our meeting.

Attendance: Kathleen Jones, Anne Allen, Audrey Barnes, Bernie Bowker, Pat Carfra, Ian Duncan, Mary Haig-Brown, Winona Pugh,  Sherron MacPherson, Carmel Thomson, Joanne Delage, Michael Derry and Lori James Derry

Regrets: Chris Weiczorek [from Lana Popham’s office], Gwen Curry
1. Adoption of Agenda: passed;
2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed;
3. Treasurers Report: Account balance $225.68;
4. Announcements:

  • a] As a member of the Green Shores Local Government Working Group, the CRD Harbours and Watersheds Program is able to offer no and low cost training opportunities for our municipal partners and the community in 2020. Both courses will be given at the University of Victoria Green Shores Level 1: Friday January 17th, 2020, 9am – 4pm.  No charge for this course but you must register to participate. Green Shores Level 2: Thurs. and Fri. March 26 & 27, 2020, 8:30am – 4pm. Level 1 is a pre-requisite to this course, cost is $465 plus GST. Please register at
  • b] Two valuable members of the Saanich Parks department will be leaving for exciting new career changes. Jenny Eastman will be moving to the CRD to focus on invasive species and Andrew Burger will be moving to Comox as Manager of Parks. We will miss their knowledge and support.

5. Previous Business:

a]Highlights of dam safety workshop, which Mary & Bernie attended in Duncan. It was well-presented by John Baldwin [Safety Officer for VI].

Summary of workshop:

b] Summary of Saanich Inlet Roundtable: in Nov, Mary & Winona attended. Summary: Soil Rehabilitation Proposal for Malahat land, Plastics and Microplastics in the Ocean and Concerns about the Pacific Herring Roe Industry. Minutes are available on the SIPS website. ;

c] Colquitz River walk – possible date Friday January 10 or Sunday January 12: postponed until after snow;

d] Aquatic Plant Survey results: Adolf and Aluna Ceska will do an analysis on plant samples suspected of being either Northern or Eurasian Mifoil and let Winona know when those results are in;

e] Bat box building workshop – call for interested participants and a date. Ian collected names and preferences re which type of bat box would work for participants property; he will pre-groove all the plywood for the boxes; Ian will let us know when these are ready to be assembled;

f] Tod Creek Watershed Connections publication: book sales are good [nine copies sold at this meeting];

g] CRD Featured Watersheds website – Winona has contacted the Watershed manager, Dan Saprunoff to inquire about including the Tod Creek Watershed as a featured watershed on the CRD website. Winona will let the group know when that happens;

h] Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award – call for nominations and members of a selection committee. Original group stands; email Winona will nominations;

6. Projects:

a] Bus tour of the watershed in partnership with Peninsula Streams – possible Spring event. Mary & Michael will present the event to Pen Streams in a subsequent meeting;

b] Tod Creek Flats – meeting with Dave and Judy Wallace [providing good historical information], Winona, Mary and Pat on Thursday. “Tod Creek Flats: Vision 2020″ draft proposal created by Roger Graves and Mary;

c] Whitehead Park – we have met to complete the Restoration Plan for the west side and developed a draft proposal for Saanich.

  • there an interest in arranging a workparty to remove ivy from the Lake access opposite Meadowbrook Road;

d] Peninsula Streams update: Millstream Project going forward now, while water is high. There is a 9 foot culvert under Atkins Road, so a bypass will be constructed [a Fishway];

e] Website – 2020 updates are underway;

f] Heritage Society

  • completing the Prospector collection. Anne and Audrey have collected aprox 55 newsletters so far;
  • possible dates for Tod Inlet Heritage event during Heritage week, February 17 -22. The theme is Bringing the Past into the Future;

g] Maltby Lake

  • Carmel made arrangements for Joan Hendrick and Winona to walk around Maltby Lake with new Saanich Environmental staff member Thomas Munson, MSc, PAg.: as an Environmental Technician, Thomas works in stewardship, restoration and protection of the natural areas of Garry oak ecosystems, which involves invasive plant removal, plant propagation and site re-vegetation with native Garry oak species;

h] January Water Quality measurements – Garth, Ian, Mary, Michael and Winona will continue to do these measurements, with the next excursion TBA;

7. New Business:

  • The sale of the Meadowbrook Blueberry Farm and Reservoir  [Bernie covered under the dam workshop information];
  • Carmel reports the culverts recently installed along Prospect Lake [at Trevlac Pond] are not amphibian-friendly.  To learn more about this, go to:
  • For additional reading re: Amphibian/Reptile Crossing, go to our Information Page and open WILDLIFE CROSSING STRUCTURE HANDBOOK Design and Evaluation in North America. This is a very comprehensive document, for specific information on amphibians and reptiles, scroll down to page 157.

Next meeting: Wednesday March 4 at Mary & Bernies home. 


6 Nov 2019

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Agenda: November 6@ 7:30pm
Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Thank you to Pat for hosting our meeting.

Attendance: Anne Allen, Audrey Barnes, Bernie Bowker, Pat Carfra, Ian Duncan, Mary Haig-Brown, Winona Pugh, Chris Weiczorek [from Lana Popham’s office], Sherron MacPherson, Carmel Thomson, Michael Derry and Lori James Derry

Regrets: Joanne Delage
1. Adoption of Agenda: passed;
2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed;
3. Treasurers Report:  Account total for July aprox $400.00 [Treasurer not at meeting];
4. Announcements:

a. VI Technology Park Open House Wednesday November 6, 7 -9 pm: Vi Tech is owned by UVic, Audrey Barnes & Ian Duncan attended and gave a short synopsis [Ian will supply the name of the architect here: — ];

b. Saanich Parks and Climate Change – Richard Hebda Wednesday November 13, 7 pm, Cedar Hill Golf Clubhouse: Good turnout by FTCW [Mary, Bernie, Ian, Anne, Pat, Winona, Michael & Lori] for an interesting and entertaining presentation on Dr Hebda’s Areas of Interest: “Impacts of climate change on ecosystems; Restoration of natural systems and processes; Timing and extent of the last ice age; and Specialty: Vegetation and climate history of BC” ;

c. Dam Safety Management Workshop in Duncan Nov 13, information at  Mary and Bernie will attend and share info at the Jan meeting;

d. Traffic Planning Discussion: Wednesday November 13, 7 pm Prospect Lake Community Hall. For ongoing updates:

For ongoing updates:

e. Saanich Inlet Round Table , Thursday November14, 2 – 4pm, SHOAL Center

  • Agenda topics: Judith Cullington, Facilitator
  • Contaminated Soil Remediation Site ( Calvin Cook, Nelson Environmental Remediation)
  • Brentwood Bay License of Operation Update (Central Saanich)
  • Micro plastics in the Waters Around Vancouver Island (Matt Miller, University of Victoria)
  • Pacific Roe Herring Industry (John mason Institute of Ocean Sciences)
  • MP and MLA Updates

f. CRD Solid Waste Management Plan Open House – Thursday November 21, 4 -8 pm, Greek Community Hall. Link to the page with all the information:

g. Colquitz River: Winona proposed a hike, with good interest. TBA: a Sat or Sunday at the end of Nov.

For a look at what’s. happening in Colquitz River, follow the link below to “Our Backyard” Fall edition:

5. Previous Business:

a. BC Lake Stewardship AGMNew grants and government contracts have stabilized the financial situation for BLSS and the organization has been able to re-establish Lake keepers courses, the annual conference and lake monitoring support;

b. The Land Conservancy AGMThe TLC is debt free and has moved forward with the acquisition of the Clearwater wildlife corridor , the Pugh covenant and the Deertrails Nature program. A possible partnership with the Greenbelt Society will allow TLC to move offices to Mary Lake;

c. Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award  – nomination suggestions will be reviewed in January;

d.  We have an opportunity to partner with Invasive Species Council of BC on the removal of yellow flag iris in the watershed. The partnership could provide supplies equipment and educational materials for removal projects. Considering Tod Flats;

e. Bat house building workshop. Best time to put up a house is by April, date to be decided. Ian Duncan will lead the workshop and will let us know the dates, likely Jan or Feb 2020;

f. David Gray documentaries – we continue to plan for the showing of The Hidden Sikhs and Beyond the Gardens Walls during Heritage Week in February. Ian Duncan is making copies for a possible viewing at Lana Popham’s Constituency Office meeting room;

g. Rivers Day, September 22 – the walk along the Colquitz was postponed to allow volunteers to work on the yellow flag iris at Maltby Lake. The Peninsula Streams event was very successful. A new date for the Colquitz walk will be decided, see above Item # 4.b;

 h. The annual Aquatic Plant survey was conducted on Monday September 16.   Thank you to Joanne and Ron for providing the transportation, Lori for the photography, Mary for the plant identification and sorting, and Carolyn for plant identification and recording (and Keta for navigation);

i. Saanich Environmental Policy Framework –Tree Protection bylaw under review.

Carmel attended and states most of the framework went forward.

6. Projects:

a. Bus tour of the Watershed? Considering in the spring 2020, with Peninsula Streams, Mary will arrange;

b. Tod Creek Flats: Mary has meet with Lana Popham re: ‘wetlands in ALR’ and ‘how can the Flats be designated a wetland?’ re protection.

Wetlands are a recognized non-farm use of farmland, but are not eligible for a tax credit.  To read the Tod Creek Flats Vision 2020, go to:

c. Whitehead Park: Mary and Audrey continue to work on the naturescaping and would like some help. Rick Hatch will provide some staff occasionally but volunteers are needed. A plant request list is being prepared for Saanich and help will be needed when the plants arrive;

d. Watershed Management Plan: Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) Tod Creek Enhancement Plan Spring 2020 Release Strategy: “It is expected that a significant proportion of the releases will occur in the upper watershed.” Chris will ascertain who is monitoring lake data re blue-green algae;

e. Peninsula Streams: Fundraiser Nov 9th is sold out and sponsorship and auction items are excellent. Go to Peninsula Streams facebook page for photos of the event;

f. Website: a work in progress. Photos are regularly added, as is text, announcements and  currently some two-page spreads from the new book Tod Creek Watershed Connections [on the Local Publications page];

g. Heritage Society: Completing collection of Prospector newsletters. Both Saanich Archives and RBCM have expressed interest in the collection. Audrey has done an amazing job of developing a summary list of issues and content;

h. Maltby Lake:  Carmel has more updates TBA.

7. New Business:

The Plot Market Garden has produced a small photo book including the commentary:

“Follow us on Instagram @THEPLOTMARKETGARDEN

The Plot is a micro farm on the forest edge in Saanich BC with a focus on artisan greens and baby root vegetables. Using Sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, the farm strives for consistently high quality produce for locals and chefs.

You can find our produce at: House of Boateng; Artisan Bistro; Artisan Cafe; Toque Catering; Charlotte & The Quail; Red Barn on West Saanich; Porto Osteria; and Nourish.”

8. Next Meeting:  January 8, 2020 at Audrey’s