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5th Sept 2018

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Thank you to Woody and Carmel for hosting our meeting

In Attendance: Sherron MacPherson, Michael Derry, Janet Williams, Ian Duncan, Audrey Barnes, Joanne Delage, Pat Carfra, Garth van der Kamp, Woody Thomson, Mary Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Carmel Thomson, Winona Pugh, Anne Allen, and Lori James Derry

1. Adoption of Agenda: passed

2. Adoption of Meeting Notes: passed

3. Treasurers Report: closing balance as of July 4, 2018 $444.68

4. Announcements:

a. Green Shores Training Program Tuesday October 23 9:00am – 4:00pm University of Victoria.                   A one day workshop to introduce basic shoreline ecosystem principles and management

b. BC Lake Stewardship Society AGM Tuesday September 18 phone in 12:00 noon  [see their web site for  details]

  • Winona will mail in notes at your requests, email her with your suggestions

c. Oil’s Deep State: Kevin Taft ,Wednesday September 12 7:00- 9:00pm

  • Lori will email the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed logo to be included on supporters list

d. Saanich Council MeetingGeothermal Loop application Monday September 17th 7:00pm

e. Saanich Inlet Roundtable – October 11th at Shoal Point Center: Winona will send out the agenda when she gets it

5. Previous Business:

a. Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award: Small committee of Audrey, Sherron, Pat & Bernie will develop a proposal regarding this award
b. Secchi Dip In results and article by Carmel Thomson can be read:
c. McCall Gardens Tour – date to be determined, Winona will send out an email for participants
d. Power to Be tour – indication of interest, they would like to give us a tour, Winona will arrange for a Sunday afternoon, to include the most people

6. Projects

a. Tod Creek Flats

  • recent tour shows it will take a lot of rehab for farmers, we hope for a good show of interest from organic farmers, whom Mary will connect with the landowners

b. Whitehead Park

  • Winona to arrange for a work party soon, after the rains soften the soil for us to work in
  • weekly maintenance group continues to meet Mondays at 9:30 am and welcomes all joiners

c. Watershed Management Plan

  • Mary has written a Water Management Plan, and will present Data Collection at a later date
  • Garth is working on Tod Creek Watershed Flows Survey, and invites interested people to join him at any time. His objective is to observe and estimate stream flows in the watershed at as many access points as possible [typically where the streams pass beneath roads and trails] during a short time period [ideally a few hours] and after a prolonged dry period. This provides a strong indication of deep persistent groundwater discharge to the streams and also serves as a base for comparison with future changes of flow regimes due to climate change and land-use change.

d. Peninsula Streams

  • Annual Fund Raiser looking for venue/s that support salmon enhancement

e. Website

f. Heritage Society

  • AGM coming up, date & time will be sent out by Winona
  • Carmel shared the 1889 Land Grant to Richard Maltby

g. Maltby Lake

  • Carmel would like to promote a Saanich “Planning Dept” for landowners who are gifting &/or protecting property, much like the current “Planning Dept” for developers. It’s a steep learning curve regarding logistics and assistance would foster community members wishing to take this direction.

h. Prospect Lake Community Association invitation to provide article on Whitehead Park for community newsletter and have FOTCW poster display at AGM.  Winona will enquire what newsletter the invitation is for; and we would like to have a display at the AGM on Oct 24th

i. Water Quality and Aquatic Plant Sampling on Wednesday, September 5th

 Next Meeting: November 7th, 7:00 pm at Pat Carfra’s

4th July 2018

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Meeting Notes: July 4, 2018 7:30pm

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Adoption of Meeting Notes

3. Treasures Report: closing balance as of May 2, 2018: $444.68

4. Announcements:
Saanich Environmental Awards : Congratulations to award recipients nominated through the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed
Audrey Barnes – Individual achievement
Linda Geggie – Sustainability
McCall Gardens – Business
Shelagh Levey – Lifetime Achievement

5. Mary Haig Brown Recognition Award –developing terms of award: ideas include framed certificate/s; Prospect Lake School Student Award;

6. Lake Stewardship

a. Geothermal Loop Application – Friends of Tod Creek Watershed has sent a letter of opposition to the application for the installation of a 20’ geothermal loop into Prospect Lake. Saanich passed a motion in 2008 requesting that the province not approval any applications until further research has been completed demonstrating the installation of single and multiple geothermal loops would not impact the ecology of Prospect Lake. A copy of the letter was sent to Lana Popham, Vicki Sanders and Saanich Mayor and Council. Efforts to contact the Prospect Lake Community Association regarding this issue have not received any response.

b. Lake Sampling will be due at the end of August and a date and volunteers can be confirmed as soon as possible

c. Annual Secchi Dip In – The BC Lake Stewardship Annual Dip In will take place from July 1 to July 30 . Volunteers are needed to assist

d. Water Quality testing will continue in Tod Creek and Maltby Lake. Maltby Lake will be added to the testing route, for cohesive stats; the next Water Quality testing will be Friday July 13th beginning at Maltby Lake.

e. Preliminary results from CRD sampling in Tod Creek. Winona has these results and will share as confirmed.

7. McCall Gardens tour – McCall Gardens have offered to do a tour of their environmental award winning building and grounds featuring green building technology, local art stream restoration and native plant gardens. A day and time to be decided, Tuesday afternoons work for this group, Winona will make the arrangements.

8. Projects

a. Prospect Lake School Watershed Tour report: Winona will contact Yves for a link to the video that was made of the tour.

b. Tod Creek Flats – update from Peninsula Streams – Michael Derry updated re the Fund Raiser Auction & Dinner which is held in Nov. The search is on for a new venue, different ideas were discussed and these will go to Pen Streams Fund Raising Committee.

c. Whitehead Park – Audrey: maintenance now, weeding and lasagna gardening continue.

9. Website – Lori: some new pages have been recently added. See web site for “Local Gardens” and “Local Publications” [Carol McDougall’s book: A Salmon’s Sky View has been added].

10. Heritage Society – Time Capsule ceremony, Sunday July 15th, 11:00am Saanich Municipal Hall. In addition to FTCW contribution, Maltby Lake added a binder on their efforts to save the lake. See this link to Saanich News:

11. Maltby Lake – Carmel: two sets of Loons have been seen on the lake;

and she shared a link on Biomimicry: Janine Benyus is the foremost proponent of Biomimicry, the work that takes a deep look at nature and mimics nature’s solutions to challenges like energy use, building materials, cooperation, structure, basically everything we need to live in this world sustainably.”

See this link:

and Power To Be
“Power To Be began in 1998 with an idea: Help people living with a disability or barrier access nature. The idea grew into a community, connecting participants to adventures and supporters to opportunities, collectively redefining our definition of ability.”  See their link:
… and here is their web site:

Next Meeting – Wednesday, September 5; location: Maltby Lake at 7 pm [please note the time change: 7 pm not 7:30].

2nd May 2018

Meeting Notes – 2 MAY, 2018

Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

In attendance: Ian Duncan, Anne Allen, Joanne Delage, Sherron MacPherson, Audrey Barnes, Mary Haig-Brown, Bernie Bowker, Michael Derry, Winona Pugh, Emily Harris, Carmel Thomson, Lori James Derry.
Regrets: Pat Carfra, Janet Williams

Adoption of the Agenda: passed.

Adoption of Meeting Notes of 14 March, 2018: passed.

Treasurer’s Report
Closing balance 14 March, 2018:  $694.68
Deposit donation              $50.00
Cheque Web site annual   $50.00
Cheque Publ course        $250.00
Balance as of 2nd May   $444.68

a) Pen Streams AGM Sat May 12th 2018, 3 to 5 pm
Brentwood Bay Inn. Please RSVP.
Francesca Loro, Stewardship Coordinator

b) Creatures of Habitat volunteers needed: If you can help: call Francesca Loro, Stewardship Coordinator   250.363.6480

c) Saanich Inlet Roundtable – Winona: Notice of next meeting, hosted by the District of Central Saanich, Thursday May 17th 2 pm to 4:30 pm. Cedar Room, Saanich Fairgrounds, 1528 Stelly’s Crossroad.

d) Dominion Brook Park tour was wonderful. Another tour is on Tuesday, May 8th at 10:30 am. Let Mary know if you would like to come.

e) Wray Creek – Saanich will be doing a restoration of the creek as it runs through properties between Sparton and West Saanich. The landowner, Gabby Czech, would like to see the wetland habitat restored for the frogs. Work to be done in late Aug or Sept.

f) Coho Fry Release – two schools, Bayside Middle School & Brentwood Elementary School, will be releasing the Coho fry they have raised in their classrooms into Tod Creek at Whitehead Park. Date to be arranged.

g) Prospect Lake School bus tour will take place on Friday, 25th May. There will be four bus loads of approximately 60 students each coming to Trevlac Ponds, Whitehead Park, Tod Flats, and Butchart’s Fishway and then back to Power to Be. Jenny Eastman will be at Trevlac to talk about pond life, Andrea Neumann will lead bird watching at Tod Flats. Brian Koval will talk about the fishway and migration at Gowlland Tod. And we will host at Whitehead. We need volunteers. Proposed outline handed out with agenda.

h) Emily Harris has opened: The Coop Market Garden. Emily & Tyler can be reached at: and their web site is for updates on the garden/links/ vegetable gardening tips.


Water quality – time for another round, date: Sat 09:30 May 5th

Tod Creek Flats – Multi Use Management Plan. Meeting held today with DFO [Plan will be updated]: 4 landowners met; there have been about 10 years of ongoing meetings; the land is now potentially organic as it has sat fallow for 8 years, so this will be added to the consideration/s; drainage was the biggest problem, now resolved; met w/ Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture; the group is looking at gaps in the info & how to resolve them with everyone being good with the resolution outcome/s.

South Prospect Lake Park – we pulled lots of broom sprouts. The difference is amazing in the 3 years we have been doing this.

Whitehead Park and Lohr Road – Maintenance continues. Saanich Native Plants have donated Mimulus plants for WHP [Yellow Monkey Flower, Mimulus guttatus]. Other plantings are really flourishing and so is the Reed Canary Grass. We will set it up so the bus tour students can help us spread cardboard and mulch.

Lake Stewardship – Winona: 2018 Wetlands Institute Workshop will be held Sept 17th to 23rd on Salt Spring Island, generally from 09:00 to 6:00 pm; Location: Salt Spring Island Conservancy, 265 Blackburn Road. For more information and to reserve seats: go to

Web site – Lori: new page “Local Publications” and soon to be new page “Local Gardens”

Heritage Society: Winona will be judging at the Heritage Fair
FTCW book is being created by Winona & Lori;
Retrieving other publications: “Wetland Connections” and “Returning the Loon” for future considerations re reprinting;
We have added to the Saanich 150 Time Capsule.

Maltby Lake – Carmel: Harlequin Duck [Histrionicus histrionicus] and Common Loon [Gavia immer] have been on the lake this spring. See All About Birds for details: and for Maltby Lake website, see:

Hand over Chair to Winona Pugh, with Thanks to Mary for her work to date.

Next meeting – Wednesday, 4th July, 2018
Location: Audrey’s