Photographs of the watershed, open for submissions.

Please send your photographs to   along with any information you would like attached [i.e. the plant/s or animal/s or location definitions, and your name if you would like it included].



Wallace Drive daffodil farm, March 31/ 2020


Tod Creek Flats, a little snow remains on the morning of Jan 20/ 2020




Tod Flats Dec 1st 2019


While doing Water Quality Testing at Maltby Lake, Feb 6/ 2019.














Water Quality Testing on Maltby Lake: volunteers had to carefully make their way out the wharf and then break the ice in order to get their equipment into the water.



Across Tod Flats, looking west. Jan 2/ 2019


Across Tod Flats, looking east. Photo taken from Kiowa Place. Jan 2/ 2019

















Oct 22nd 2018: early morning fog lifting off the lake.


Maltby Lake, 12th Oct 2018.


Photo taken from Whitehead Park, looking across Prospect Lake. March 2018.


Photo from behind the Red Barn, facing west: 1st Jan 2018


Tod Flats, from Kiowa Road, Jan 2017.



Philippa Lake [previously known as Little Maltby], March 2017.



Whitehead Park, Jan 2017.



Tod Flats, from behind the Red Barn, Jan 2017.



Farmers field from Brookleigh Road, near the corner of Oldfield Rd, Jan 2017.



Viaduct Flats, accessed off Interurban, offers a bird viewing platform with a telescope. Feb 2017.



Snow in Whitehead Park, Feb 2017.


Man, dog and Heron in the snow at Tod Creek, Whitehead Park, Feb 2017.


Whitehead Park, Feb 2017.


Whitehead Park wharf, Feb 2017.


Whitehead Park, east side, Feb 2017.


Heron, Feb 2017.


Kiowa Place, April 2017.



Goward Road, March 2017.



Private property pond on Meadowbrook Road, June 2017.


Early morning, sun arriving on the Flats. Sept 30th, 2018





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