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Friends of Tod Creek Watershed is involved with a variety of projects in the watershed. In the past we have built a trail to Prospect Lake from Stevens Road, monitored the water quality in Prospect Lake and its feeder streams, worked with students from Prospect Lake and Royal Oak Schools and taken part in several workshops and presentations.

In keeping with our mission statement: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed, we are currently working on several sites in the watershed.

Killarney Creek

Tod Flats

Whitehead Park

Eastlake Park

Here are the display boards, highlighting our work at these sites over the years.  They were re-assembled for the 2016 community barbecue, you might recognize some photos from previous boards.


Lake survey on the left; Lohr Road on the right.


Whitehead Park, throughout the years.


Whitehead Park, east side, progress over the years.


Tod Flats: on the left, the signs now erected on West Saanich Road, just past the Red Barn, just before Wallace Road; on the right, photo monitoring of the changes happening there.

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