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  • The Prospect Lake Heritage Society is pleased to announce the publication of “Prospect Lake: Reflections A Photographic Tribute of Significant Heritage Stories.”
  • Publication of this book was made possible in part by an Arts Development Project Grant from the Capital Regional District.
  • The Book Launch on Sunday Sept 23, 2012 at Tia’s Heritage Cafe was a huge success! The community turn-out was great and we sold out of books on-hand that day.
  • The book can be ordered at  lori4675@gmail.com   Cost is $50 per book.
  • The book is now available at the Central Branch Library [735 Broughton St.] and at the Saanich Centennial Branch [3110 Tillicum Rd].


May 7th, 2013: The Prospect Lake: Reflections book was presented with an Honourable Mention Communication Award by the HALLMARK HERITAGE SOCIETY. This award “recognizes individuals or groups for exemplary work in COMMUNICATING heritage information and values through communications and education programs, print and electronic media, or publications.”

See the award letter here:       Hallmark Heritage Society Award Letter



Visit the Hallmark Heritage Society @    http://www.hallmarksociety.ca/


Selected photos from the book:

Book Cover: Prospect Lake 1978     Courtesy: Margaret Hubner



Jackie Williams being held by his father, Tony Williams, 1926     Courtesy Whitehead Family

1926 jackie williams age 1 with his parents at 614 cragflower rd per whitehead collctn_resize



Detail of T.N. Hibben & Co’s Map of the Saanich Peninsula 1921     Courtesy Gary Cunningham




George Fraser 1948     Courtesy  Wayne Phillips

george fraser in car 1948_resize



Whitehead garden, c 1931     Courtesy Whitehead Family

bill whitehead in garden ca1931_resize



Gawn “Bud” McCullough, c 1917     Courtesy Doris Wakelyn

gawin bud mccullough ca 1917_resize



McGregor farm, 1930’s [The old farmhouse is where the Prospect Lake Golf Course club house sits now.]

Courtesy McGregor Family

mcgregor farmyard pre 1936_resize



Our Lady of Fatima     Courtesy Jo Ponsford

our lady of fatima sepia_resize



Heal’s Post Office, open from August 1, 1892, to February 29, 1912.

Courtesy Saanich Pioneer Society F550ph # 1   C. 1895

heals post office ca 1895 resize



Prospect Lake General Store:  Pat [Durrance], Evelyn Durrance, John Durrance, Doug Hill, 1954

Courtesy Pat Anderson

pat and evely durrance doug hill 5x7_resize



B.C. Electric Railway Company Trolley Car, May 27th 1923     Courtesy Henry Ewert

prospect station_resize



Nellie Whitehead and children, 1930’s     Courtesy Whitehead Family

whitehead goat cart_resize



In front of Oldfield Garage, the log used for the lake float: Bill Whitehead and unidentified man.

Courtesy Gladys Raper

oldfield garage log for lake float bill whitehead and query_resize



Brian Oldfield on homemade tractor, with Dick Pillar in rear-engine 1927 Chev.

Courtesy Saanich Pioneer Society F441 ph # 26

1938 percy brian oldfield o tractor dick pillar in 1927 chev_resize



The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory.  Aerial shot with Juan de Fuca Strait in the distance, 1940’s

Courtesy Richard M. Pearce

observatory ca 1940s_resize



Marilyn Bell stayed with the Jack Todd Family, practicing at Prospect Lake.  Jack supplied the guide boat, and rowed it, for her 1956 successful swim across the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Here she is with Rick, John and David Todd.     Courtesy C.F. Todd

todd 3boys marilyn bell



Maltby Lake:  Owned by the family for five generations, the lake and old growth forests have been protected as a natural area for over 150 years.

Photos: Courtesy Woody Thomson

Dumbleton Hunting Lodge

Dumbleton Cottage


Cuthbert Holmes and younger brother, c 1914





Check out:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltby_Lake











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