Whitehead Park 2014

Start of a New Year:  2014

Left to Right: Winona Pugh, Audrey Barnes, Dorothy Chambers volunteer on the Colquitz River fish fence project [see our “Contributions” page for photos and updates of their good work], Dave Davies Department of Fisheries Community Advisor from Comox, Shona Smith local DFO Community Advisor, and Mary Haig-Brown.
Skunk Cabbage 6th April 2014
Skunk Cabbage WHP


2nd June 2014: Josh weeding inside the exclosure; and Audrey, Joanne and Mary pulling Yellow-Flag iris along Tod Creek, inside the park; and kayaking Tod Creek.

IMG_6109 IMG_6118 IMG_6270


July 28th, 2014:  To appreciate the growth of Daniel Sawchin’s tree, planted 22nd October, 2011, here are two repeat photos of it, on the left.  Maturing growth, to the right.


August 2014:  For interest, and because there are no photos for August, here are some notes regarding the garden work at Whitehead Park.


Monday, Aug 4th, 2014:

We cut a few blackberries and dug YFI on the west side. The beaver are still working on their dam under the bridge. We spent some time watering the snowberry on the east side near the bridge. They are looking much happier since the watering and mulching they received last week. It is so hot and dry that more water is always good. While we were doing this we also pulled blackberries that are sprouting up along side the creek.

Monday, Aug 11th:

We weeded and watered the alders and cedars on the east side of the exclosures. Some of the alders and a few of the Mahonia did not make it, but mostly they are all fine. The ground was very dry and soaked up the water almost as fast as we poured it on. Satisfying to complete a specific job.


Monday, August 18th:

We checked over the site. Fences were fine and the stuff we watered last week was looking very happy. There has been a day or so of heavy rain this week which helped everything. We noticed part of the lower exclosure seemed to be eaten, but the fence was intact. We concentrated on the upper unfenced section and the two newer exclosures, mostly digging and pulling blackberry starts. It is still too dry to properly get the roots so we did not work on the next swath of vines. We just cut the ones that were reaching out toward the cleared area to prevent tip rooting.

Monday, August 25th:

We decided the time has come to seriously start on the blackberries in the next swath. Because it is still very dry we will not attempt to get the roots out yet. We spent a happy morning cutting and hauling out canes and uncovering interesting bits in the process. There are a few blackberries mixed in with roses and maples near the top and some old pipe a little farther down. Mostly, however, it is blackberry and horsetail.  There was a group painting on the west bank and we admired their handiwork. Nice to see the park being used in so many ways.

Saturday, 27th Sept:

 The Evergreen Work Party. Cutting black berry canes to clear more area south of the exclosures. June will plan planting for this area and the Lohr Road intersection and apply for a Small Sparks Grant to cover cost of some plants. She suggests some flowering plants such as Douglas Aster and Pearly Everlasting for the Lohr site. This can be a very visible example of the beauties and pleasure of using native plants.


Monday, Sept 29th:

For the removal of blackberries alone, this month, 19.5 hours were dedicated to their removal, by 5 volunteers.

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