Whitehead Park 2024

Jan 1st, 2024

No work today, as it’s New Year’s Day.

Jan 9/ 2024

No workers on Monday Jan 8th, as there was a hard rain. Stopped by for the water gauge reading today.

Jan 15/ 2024

Audrey, Mary and Lori did a walkabout on a frosty day. We assessed our priorities for the coming months and took photos. [3 people x 0.5 hr for 1.5 hrs; plus 3 x 0.5 hrs travel time for 1.5 hrs = 3 hours]

Jan 22 & 29/ 2024

Audrey and Mary worked today, alas no photos.

Feb 5 & 12th/ 2024

Most of the crew are away, so no work, no photos.

Feb 19/ 2024

Audrey and Lori worked bit of clean-up. [1.0 hrs x 2 people for 2 hrs; plus 0.5 hrs x 2 for 1. 0 travel = 3 hrs]

Feb 26/ 2024

Audrey and Lori, short work in the cold [0.5 hrs x 2 people for 1.0 hrs plus 0.5 hrs x 2 people travel time for 1.0 hr = 2 hrs]

March 4th, 2024

Audrey, Winona and Lori met with Pulling Together Coordinator for annual Restoration Action Plan and travelled to South Prospect Lake Park for assessment of the broom plants [1.0 hrs x 3 people for 3.0 hrs; plus 0.5 hrs x 3 people travel time = 4.5 hrs]

March 11/ 2024

March 18/ 2024

March 25/ 2024

April 1/ 2024

April 8/ 2024 rain so no work today

April 9th Water Gauge reading

April 15/ 2024

April 22/ 2024

Today’s crew: Audrey & Kitty stand next to a pile of cuttings almost as high as the trail mulch. Lori as photographer.

April 29/ 2024

May 6th/ 2024

The Pulling Together group often prune main & lateral canes, plus a lot of suckers from the rootstock, as we try to keep the trails user friendly and easy to navigate.

May 13/ 2024

Audrey, Kitty, Mary & Lori worked just on the roses today.

This past weekend, including Mother’s Day, was beautiful weather. Unfortunately, someone has flattened the Saanich sign wanting to keep people off the wharf, hiding the evident wood decay. Reported.

May 20th/ 2024

Unable to work today.

May 27th/ 2024

Audrey, Kitty & Lori worked on more roses removal and pulling lots of Cleaver.

June 3rd/ 2024

Too windy for volunteers in parks today.

June 10th/ 2024

No work today in the park, but Lori was able to put up posters for this coming Saturday June 15th Broom Pull at South Prospect Lake Park. Unfortunately, all the ones along Goward Road were removed; however the sign was posted on our Facebook page and the fb page: Prospect Lake Neighbours, with lots of views.

June 17/ 2024

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