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Same day: readings now are from Maltby Lake

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Prospect Lake Aquatic Plant Sampling Sept 5th, 2018

Joanne, Ron & Keta Delage arrive on their float.


As only one float this year, we start at site #6 and work our way around the lake, returning to Whitehead Park.

Rick Nordin and Winona Pugh take the first water sample at Site 6: water taken from 6 metres.
















Dr Rick Nordin

Rick has a PhD in freshwater biology from UBC, and has worked for the BC Ministry of Environment as a specialist in the area of water quality in a position as Provincial Limnologist for 29 years. He has also been an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria teaching and doing research on lakes for 20 years. Rick is a former board member of the North American Lake Management Society and present board member of the BC Lakes Stewardship Society, and has published many scientific papers and reports in government, university and as a consultant (15 years) on BC water quality and limnology.


In this sample: Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed], Potamogeton robbinsii [fern pondweed];  Vallisneria Americana [eel grass], the long light green grass seen along the  bottom right corner; and Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail].

Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed].

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail].

Large pull: Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]; Potamogeton Rchardsonii [pondweed]; Potamogeton pusillus [Slender pondweed].

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]


Site 7:

Lat: N 48.51466 º x Lat: W -123.43817 º   


Valesneria Americana[eel grass], Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed]; Potamogeton Richardsonii [pondweed].


Water Sample at Site 8.


Site 8: too steep to get a plant sample at 2 or 4 metres; at 6 metres, we found no growth.


Water Sample Site 1



Site 1: Plant Sample/s
















Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Vallisneria Americana [eel grass] ; Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed]; Potamogeton robbinsii [Fern pondweed].



Site 2: Plant Sample/s

Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed]; Vallisneria Americana [eel grass]; Potamogeton robbinsii [Fern pondweed]; Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]


Site 3: Water Sample


Site 3: Plant Sample/s

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Chara [muskgrass or stonewort] or Nitella ; Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]; Myriophyllum sibericum [Northern water-milfoil, which is native: one seasonally distinguishing factor is that Northern milfoil produces winter buds].  * If you suspect Eurasian water-milfoil, please seek expert assistance in identification: Pigment analysis, or DNA, is used for positive ID. **Please Note: We found no evidence of the invasive Eurasian millfoil.


Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Site 4: Plant Sample/s

Potamogeton robbinsii [fern pondweed]; Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed]; Vallisneria Americana [eel grass]; Stuckenia pectinata [Sago pondweed]; Chara [muskgrass or stonewort]

Ceratophyllum demersum [coontail]

Ceratophyllym demersum [coontail]


Site 5: Water Sample


Site 5: Plant Sample/s

Ceratophyllym demersum [coontail]

Elodea canadensis [Canada waterweed]; Vallisneria Americana [eel grass] dense; Ceratophyllym demersum [coontail]; Potamogeton robbinsii [fern pondweed]; Stuckenia pectinata [Sago pondweed]

Ceratophyllym demersum [coontail]; Potamogeton amplifolius [large-leaf pondweed]


Volunteer Collectors: Mary Haig-Brown, noted plant ID names on cards; Carmel Thomson [of Maltby Lake] noted site ID on collection bags.


L – R: Mary Haig-Brown; Joanne Delage, Ron Delage, Dr. Rick Nordin, Winona Pugh, Carmel Thomson & Lori James Derry.




























Keta, our First Mate.

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