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Tales from “The Tod Creek Flats”

On 2019-07-14 @ 5:31 a.m., Brian Higgins wrote:

Sylvia and I were enjoying the first local corn, some sushi and a rack of lamb “al fresco” on the deck last evening. A beautiful summer night. We were overlooking our farm field below with deer and the local flock of geese grazing around in the evening sun. Suddenly the deer were running and the geese running and flying around. I figured someone was walking their dog around there and sure enough I saw what looked like a black collie size animal chasing around. I thought maybe the neighbour’s dogs were loose and got my binoculars to check. It was a big black otter loping around the field chasing the geese. He would go for a stretch and then lie down in the grass just like a dog might do. It went on for a while and then he gave up and went back to the cross-ditch of water in the field……

Just when I thought I’d seen it all!

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