The purposes of the society are: to identify, preserve and record the significant heritage stories of Prospect Lake; and to promote the protection of heritage sites in the Prospect Lake district.

The heritage society meets on the last Monday of each month, location to be announced.  If you would like to be on our email list, contact lori4675@gmail.com

See the next page,  “Heritage: Book” for information about Prospect Lake: Reflections A Photographic Tribute of Significant Heritage Stories.  The book is for sale at $50 and can be ordered at the above email address.

Sept 20/ 2020: New book about Local Teacher: Emma Stark

June 30/ 2020:        SNIDCEL   Teaching hike by Tiffany Joseph   

This webpage doesn’t have the font capability to correctly type this place name, even as a cut & paste. Note this sign for the correct orthography.

Hard to see here, but right in the middle of this photo, under the decaying nurse log, is a Phantom orchid [Cephalanthera austinia]. From “Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest” by Mark Turner & Phyllis Gustafson: Grows in rich forest soils in deep shade only in the Pacific Northwest, where it grows in relationship with a single family of fungus that in turn forms association with several species of trees. Able to lie dormant for years between flowerings.

Tiffany on one of our teaching stops. Here she stands before a Culturally Modified Tree. These cedar trees are thinly stripped using sustainable harvesting techniques, for example no more than a thin strip per tree. The cedar strips are then softened for use in making baskets, clothes, and hats; much larger trees are chosen for their shape [curved for a canoe, straight for a pole].

Nodding onion [Allium cernuum] in a pollinator-friendly garden.

Feb 20/ 2020: David Gray documentaries and Gwen Curry book reading. 

Go to our ‘Activities’ Page to see some photos of this event.

Images of Place – Community Mapping of the Tod Creek Watershed

The Tod Creek Watershed community mapping project will be organized by the Prospect Lake Heritage Society in partnership with the Evergreen Uncover Your Creeks program. The purpose of the event is to capture, through community memories and images, the changes to the landscape since settlement, agriculture and urbanization.

Working with community mapping expert Ken Josephson, the Prospect Lake Community Association, the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed and the Royal Oak Historical Society.

We will hold a one day workshop scheduled for Saturday March 28, 2015.

The workshop will bring together past and present residents of all ages to identify the unique and irreplaceable features of our community. As a result of the activities we will produce images and mapping that will record the community’s memory and provide information for future directions in the community. Our results will be made available though printed and web based sources specifically the traditional pictorial map and as a part of the CRD community mapping website.
The Prospect Lake Heritage Society was formed in 2010 with the following mission:
To identify and record significant heritage stories of Prospect Lake and to promote the protection of heritage sites in the Prospect Lake district
Over the past four years we have written and produced the historical book Prospect Lake Reflections , compiled over 15 interviews with early pioneers of the area and contributed to the most recent Saanich Heritage Walk brochure of the Prospect Lake area.

Through the community mapping project we plan to continue to develop awareness of the land as the foundation of our community and to use it in respectful and sustainable ways.

*  for more information, see the “Announcements” Page of this web site.


Welcome to the story of the Spirit of Tomorrow, also known as the “Teardrop.”

Good teardrop

This web page is dedicated to the life of Horace Basil Oldfield,the man with more than one dream, and more than one accomplishment, one who designed and built this car [the ‘Teardrop’].


This site has fabulous photos!




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