Whitehead Park 2019

Prospect Lake, Jan 2nd.














Photo taken from the public wharf: the beaver has not gone away for the holidays.




Jan 5th: Water levels are high after our winter rains.

From the Tod Creek Bridge on Goward Road, you can see the water gauge level, reads at 4 cm less than 1 meter = 96 cm.         To compare how high it is from last year’s reading, see the photo from Sept 2018 —>


First reading, Sept 24/ 2018: 12 cm.   For ongoing water level photos and stats, go to our Hydrology Page.


Whitehead Park, east.

Standing on Goward Road, with the bridge to your back, this is the east side of Whitehead Park. Note the water coming up to the woodland trail, it’s usually to the right of the Alder trees.


Standing on Whitehead Park east, trail entrance.



Walking along the trail a bit further.



On the same trail, just across the small creek bed that Saanich put in, you come to the outdoor school room on the right.


Whitehead Park, west side.

Standing in the parking lot on Goward Road.


March 11th


More beaver damage.



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