Whitehead Park 2012

12th February 2012 – Work Party to clear a path back from stream edge and planting of sword fern:  The group moved a branch pile to the road edge for pick up; raked a route for path away from the stream; identified native plants, cut stakes from red-osier dogwood [ Cornus stolonifera] and planted them; planted 20 one-gallon sword ferns [Polystichum munitum]; planted salmon berry [Rubus spectabilis] where old route in was; pulled some Himalayan blackberry crowns [Rubus discolor].






20 Feb 2012 – Installation of silt fence to prevent mulch from washing into stream.  This photo was taken after the deer fence [with the pink tape attached] was installed, and shows a section of the 100 feet of silt fence along the creek water’s edge.




Saturday 31 March, 2012 –  Planting Party on east side of Whitehead Park. Saanich delivered about 200 plants from the list that Marian McCoy made out.  About 10 people gathered to dig holes in the muck, rocky soil, as well as in the previously spread mulch and planted all but a few of the plants.  A very satisfying day.

200 Plants bought with Fido money at Saanich discount price [note the blackberry patch to the left].




9th July, 2012 – Saanich Storm and Wastewater staff dig the ephemeral stream bed by hand and line it with river rock.  This lovely little stream bed will be wet in winter, dry in summer.





July 2012 – Cutting yellow-flag iris [Iris pseudoacorus] leaves for paper making.  The leaves need to be cut in order to facilitate the digging of the roots later in the season.  As the leaves were cut, the group were able to work around and expose the willow stakes which are doing well  [Scouler’s Willow, botanical name: Salix scouleriana].




15th August, 2012 – Saanich Parks staff begin digging the in-stream Yellow Flag Iris.

FTCW cart root clumps up to tarps to dry in the sun.

When dry,  they are loaded onto a Saanich truck and taken to be safely composted.




10th September, 2012 – Fall rye seed and coco mat spread over the area where the YFI was removed in order to prevent erosion during fall rains.



19th October, 2012 – Kayaks are great for getting into the creek and pulling sprouting Golden Willow branches.  While there, we saw two Bald Eagles in their perch tree, on the east side of the park.




Nov 5th, 2012 – Volunteers and Saanich planting Alder Trees.





Same event:  Prospect Lake student and family planted 12 alder trees!





Monday 29th October, 2012 FTCW & Saanich Parks staff  build two enclosures to protect plants from the deer.






Sunday, 4th November, 2012 – Saanich Tree Appreciation Day.  Families came to help us plant about 200 shrubs and trees on both sides of the creek.  Saanich brought several large alders and Black Hawthorne.

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