Maltby Lake


Keep Maltby Lake Wild!

author: Garth Thomson
target: The people of Saanich/Greater Victoria BC (via the Saanich News & Times Colonist paper and Saanich Mayor & CRD board) and Supreme Court Justice presiding over the Maltby Lake CCAA process.

Petition Overview:

Maltby Lake (see: is a small lake close to the city of Victoria, BC, Canada (14km to city centre). It and its surrounding land has been unusually well preserved and contains many rare, particularly old, and endangered ecosystems, plant and animal species. It is currently on the front lines of human-nature conflict.

It is unusual because it is the last of the relatively wild lakes close to Victoria. The ownership of the single undivided parcel of land around it is complex and currently 35% of the ownership is in the hands of a local environmental land conservation group. It is up for sale due to poor financial management on the part of the organization. It will go to what is essentially a bankruptcy court hearing fairly soon. If that part falls in the hands of developers then the fate of the lake will basically be sealed. The local environmental stewards of the lake are facing a tough struggle to keep the ecological integrity of the lake intact for all people for the foreseeable future.


Maltby Lake – Tod Creek Watershed (Ltr Size) – Click For Print Version
Maltby Lake - Tod Creek Watershed (Tabloid)


Prospect Lake Heritage Society held the AGM at Maltby Lake, June 22nd 2014

















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