Photographs of the watershed, open for submissions.

Please send your photographs to   lori4675@gmail.com   along with any information you would like attached [i.e. the plant/s or animal/s or location definitions, and your name if you would like it included].

Here is one local photographer’s bird web site: [we’re happy to include more links of Fauna, Flora or Scenic, local photos websites]       https://prospectlakebirds.com

Perhaps a Blue-eyed Darner [Rhionaeschna multicolor], Prospect Lake. Sept 27/ 2021

Barred owl [Strix varia], watching us work in Whitehead Park today. Sept 20/ 2021

Pacific tree frog [Pseudacris regalia]. Aug 6th 2021.

Adolescent female Pileated woodpecker [Dryocopus pileatus]. Aug 17th 2021

Juvenie Bald eagle [Haliaeetus leucocephalus] July 2/ 2020

April 30/ 2020

Red Squirrel
Common Name: red squirrel
Scientific Name: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (Erxleben)

Red squirrels are found throughout BC. They occupy coniferous and mixed forest habitats from sea level to the alpine zone throughout the province except on the southern coast.

The subspecies T. hudsonicus lanuginosus is found on Vancouver Island, the central coast of BC and has been introduced to Moresby and Graham islands, Q.C.I. (Banfield 1974).

For full document, see this link:


Lucille visits the bird seed holder for breakfast each morning: lifts the lid, jumps in, returns to the chair to munch, repeats for a good 20 minutes.

Trumpeter swans, Tod Creel Flats. Jan 20/ 2020

Trumpeter swans, Tod Creel Flats. Jan 1/ 2020

Tree frog, Prospect Lake. Juy 20/ 2019

Wilson’s Warbler. July 10/ 2019

Varied Thrush [Ixoreus naevius], Prospect Lake. Feb 12/ 2019

Trumpeter swans, Tod Flats.   Jan 2/ 2019

Bufflehead ducks, Tod Flats. Jan 2/ 2019

Canada goose, Tod Flats. Jan 2/ 2019

Hutton’s vireo, Tod Flats. Jan2/ 2019

Dragonfly nibbling on a waterlily leaf, Prospect Lake. July 30th 2018.

Bewick’s wren 9th May 2018. Photo by Anne Allen.

Pileated Woodpecker  [Dyrocopus pileatus], Oct 2013.

The Columbian Black-tailed deer [Odocoileus hemionug columbianus], Nov 2017.

Dark-eyed Junco [Junco hyemalis], Oct 2013.

Barred Owl [Strix varia], May 2014.

Red-breasted Sapsucker [Sphyrapicus ruber], May 2014.

Western Tanager [Piranga ludoviciana], July 2014.

Red-breasted Nuthatch [Sitta canadensis], March 2014.

California Quail [Callipepla gambelii]

Anna’s Hummingbird [Calypte anna], Sept 2013.

Rufous Hummingbird [Selasphorus rufus], Sept 2013.

Spotted Towee [Pipilo maculatus].

Red Squirrel [Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (Erxleben)], Aug 2017.

Great Horned Owl [Bubo virginianus], Aug 2014.

Northern Pygmy-Owl [Glaucidium gnoma], Nov 2014. Note the hummingbird on the branch behind the owl, he was dive-bombing the owl [too close to the nest].

Steller’s Jay [Cyanocitta stelleri].

Sooty Grouse [Dendragapus fuliginosus], May 2015.

Black-headed Grosbeak [Pheucticus melanocephalus], July 2015.

Turkey Vulture [Cathartes aura], April 2016.

Raccoon (Procyon lotor), Sept 2017.

Canada goose [Branta canadensis], April 2017.

Fox Sparrow [Passerella iliaca], April 2017.

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