Photographs of the watershed, open for submissions.

Please send your photographs to   lori4675@gmail.com   along with any information you would like attached [i.e. the plant/s or animal/s or location definitions, and your name if you would like it included].

Here is one local photographer’s bird web site: [we’re happy to include more links of Fauna, Flora or Scenic, local photos websites]



Trumpeter swans, Tod Creel Flats. Jan 20/ 2020



Trumpeter swans, Tod Creel Flats. Jan 1/ 2020


Tree frog, Prospect Lake. Juy 20/ 2019


Wilson’s Warbler. July 10/ 2019


Varied Thrush [Ixoreus naevius], Prospect Lake. Feb 12/ 2019


Trumpeter swans, Tod Flats.   Jan 2/ 2019


Bufflehead ducks, Tod Flats. Jan 2/ 2019


Canada goose, Tod Flats. Jan 2/ 2019


Hutton’s vireo, Tod Flats. Jan2/ 2019


Dragonfly nibbling on a waterlily leaf, Prospect Lake. July 30th 2018.



Bewick’s wren 9th May 2018. Photo by Anne Allen.


Pileated Woodpecker  [Dyrocopus pileatus], Oct 2013.


The Columbian Black-tailed deer [Odocoileus hemionug columbianus], Nov 2017.


Dark-eyed Junco [Junco hyemalis], Oct 2013.


Barred Owl [Strix varia], May 2014.


Red-breasted Sapsucker [Sphyrapicus ruber], May 2014.


Western Tanager [Piranga ludoviciana], July 2014.


Red-breasted Nuthatch [Sitta canadensis], March 2014.


California Quail [Callipepla gambelii]


Anna’s Hummingbird [Calypte anna], Sept 2013.


Rufous Hummingbird [Selasphorus rufus], Sept 2013.


Spotted Towee [Pipilo maculatus].


Red Squirrel [Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (Erxleben)], Aug 2017.


Great Horned Owl [Bubo virginianus], Aug 2014.


Northern Pygmy-Owl [Glaucidium gnoma], Nov 2014. Note the hummingbird on the branch behind the owl, he was dive-bombing the owl [too close to the nest].


Steller’s Jay [Cyanocitta stelleri].


Sooty Grouse [Dendragapus fuliginosus], May 2015.


Black-headed Grosbeak [Pheucticus melanocephalus], July 2015.


Turkey Vulture [Cathartes aura], April 2016.


Raccoon (Procyon lotor), Sept 2017.


Canada goose [Branta canadensis], April 2017.


Fox Sparrow [Passerella iliaca], April 2017.

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