Whitehead Park

The District of Saanich had the opportunity to include streamside habitat enhancements on Tod Creek during a recent playground improvement project in Whitehead Park on Goward and Prospect Lake Roads. The habitat work involved removing invasive golden willow and English hawthorn trees in the upper and stream-side riparian zones of Tod Creek where the creek originates from Prospect Lake. Additional work included the removal of in-stream logs of sprouting golden willow that were likely restricting flows from Prospect Lake. TerraWest Environmental was engaged to provide the services of a qualified environmental professional to develop and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) and perform environmental monitoring for the project. Saanich provided Notification of Changes In and About a Stream to the BC Ministry of Environment under Section 9 of the Water Act and Part 7 of the Water Act Regulations.

Due to the sensitive ecosystem of the creek, certain safeguards were employed to ensure the prevention of harm to creek or the release of deleterious substances to the creek. BMPs were followed based on the recommendations of A User’s Guide to Working In and Around Water, Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects (Malaspina), and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Operational Statement Aquatic Vegetation Removal in Lakes.

Between September 9th and 30th, approximately sixty-one golden willow and two English hawthorn trees were removed, in addition to approximately 23-30 m3 of in-stream willow material and stump grindings. Site restoration includes a detailed planting plan of site- appropriate native trees and shrubs. Planting and maintenance to control willow suckers from root stock will be done by volunteers from the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed, under the direction of Saanich Parks staff.

written by TerraWest Environmental Inc. staff

Download the entire project document here:

Whiteshead Park Project document




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