7 Sept 2016

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Regrets: Pat Carfra, Lori James and Michael Derry, Bernie Bowker

Present: Audrey Barnes, Winona Pugh. Carmel Thomson, Joanne Delage, Mary Haig-Brown

1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Adoption of meeting notes of 6 July, 2016

3. Treasurer’s report – Joanne

Balance, 6 July, 2016     $1,286.99
Interest Aug/Sept           $       0.02
Cheque to Sign Waves   $     47.25
Balance, 7 September    $ 1239.76

Outstanding cheque for sign installation $734.08

New cheques ordered. Credit Union does not supply cheques any more. Joanne ordered them from Internet.

She donated the cost.

4. Announcements:

Display updated for PL BBQ. Four boards showing our projects with updates were created in August.

They were very well received by people at the community BBQ.

5. Wrote a letter of support for FMLWS.   See below, letter # 1.

6. Streamkeepers course Oct 15 & 16.   10 people registered including one teenager.

Notice and registration form from PSS to be sent out shortly.
PSS Fundraiser – Dinner and silent auction at PL Hall on 19th Nov. Save the date.

7. Bus tour of Watershed is coming up. Date: Sunday, 30th Oct. Funding for this info event comes through PSS.

June is arranging it.

8. Saanich Older Adults Strategy 24 Sept.

Register at any Saanich Rec Centre by 22 Sept.      See “Announcements” Page for poster.

9. Our membership list is getting long. Shall I start using Bcc?

Those members present agreed they liked seeing the complete list.

If anyone would like their name Blind Copied or removed from the list, please let me know.

10. Projects:

Whitehead Park and Lohr Road – The plants are labelled and trails are tidied. A few more chips to be spread on the cardboard covering the Reed Canary Grass. We are waiting for the rains to soften the ground before we can do much more.

Tod Creek Flats – Creek and berm work are almost finished. Culverts are in and will soon have fish screens. Talks with farmers about the best practices for the flats are ongoing.

Historical and Environmental Sign is in place on Centennial Trail by flats. Pat C. sends her praises to all involved.

Survey of land owners beside the creek has been mostly completed.

The idea is to know who lives on the creek and to offer them any help if they need it.

See below: letter # 2

Saanich is cleaning out Killarney Creek at the fan. (Winona’s place) They are removing Reed Canary Grass and some YFI. Over 30 cutthroat trout were removed from the short section they are working on.

11. Lake Stewardship – Winona.

July 27th sampling event was well attended and the samples have gone to the BC Museum, adding to our

ongoing data collection. Plankton samples are being analysed by Laura Kline at CRD water quality.

12. Sept 24th Aquatic invasives workshop is full but names are being taken for a waiting list.

The workshop is based at Elk/Beaver Lake.

13. Maltby Lake – Sat Oct. 22 Green Team at the lake to remove invasives.

They have had very good bat counts since the installation of the Rocket Box.

14. Heritage – Winona reports they are taking a break, but several members had great displays at the Saanich Fair.

The AGM did not have a quorum so it will be rescheduled.

Next meeting November 2nd
Location: to be determined


Letter # 1:



Letter # 2:



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