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Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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8 JULY, 2015

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Regrets: Sherron MacPherson, Frances Hunter, Lori James Derry, Winona Pugh

Present: Pat Carfra, Bernie Bowker, Joanne Delage, Woody Thomson, Audrey Barnes, Mary Haig-Brown

1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Adoption of meeting notes from 6th May, 2015

3. Treasurer’s report:
Closing Balance last meeting: $1427.57
Add interest + deposit for closing balance $1437.63

4. Announcements:

  • PSS received two grants from RFCPP for work on Tod, one for Butchart’s Fishway which is going ahead under Butchart’s supervision. Very exciting. It will be an aluminum fish ladder which can be removed if dam repairs or changes are needed. Aimee Gentile made a video of cutthroat jumping in attempts to get over the dam which may have helped emphasize the importance of a fish ladder.
  • Tod Creek Flats – work of stream restoration is expected to start soon. Some surveying and soil exploration has been done. The creek cannot be relocated on the west side as originally planned. Meeting tomorrow to discuss ways to improve it on current site. It is likely we will enhance the creek in or near its present course as well as building some retention/irrigation/storage ponds.
  • Fund raiser for PSS on 8th May successfully raised about $6 000.
  • Paper Making on June 22 – Pat Carfra, Joanne and Audrey went to Frances Hunter’s house. They made paper from Yellow Flag Iris leaves. Unfortunately a table collapsed and all the Daphne slurry that Frances had prepared spilled on the ground. We will continue to collect and strip Daphne and try again when Frances has some time.
  • Coast Capital Work Party at Whitehead postponed until fall.
  • Stantec Work Party removed blackberry and did cleanup on East side. We will plant in the fall. They enjoyed themselves and would like to come again.
  • Community meeting on 27th May looked at Prospect Lake/Tod Creek Action Plan and discussed actions that could be taken to complete the Vision.
  • Randall Garrison, our MP, introduced a Bill C-698, An Act to amend the Navigation Protection Act (Tod Creek) which would restore environmental protection to the Tod Creek Watershed. This protection was removed from all rivers, lakes and streams on Vancouver Island in 2012. The restoration would demonstrate the Federal Government’s interest in the work being done by local stewardship groups. This motion was suggested to Mr. Garrison by Carmel Thomson. We thank them both.


5. Projects:

  • Eastlake: Joanne reports that Eastlake is progressing well. There has been some spontaneous regeneration of ocean Spray and other indigenous plants. YFI will need more eradication.
  • Whitehead: Prepare for planting in the fall on the East side. We are currently maintaining trails and continuing to weed. Most plants are surviving the current hot dry weather although a large willow and an alder have died in one corner of the lower exclosure.
  • Butchart’s fishway: see above
  • Tod Creek Flats: meeting tomorrow to discuss plans for the creek restoration in that area.

6. Maltby and TLC:

Woody and Carmel have gained control of most of the portion of the undivided property that was in the hands of TLC. However, TLC is being threatened by a few people over the disposition of another property. See attached. “Important Update from TLC”. TLC needs letters of support before July 21. Please write.

7. Heritage:

Winona reports:
The Heritage Society held our AGM on June 22 at the Prospect Lake Golf Club. The Presidents report is attached
I have copies of Gwen Curry’s book Tod Inlet: A Healing Place if anyone would like to purchase a copy ($25). This is a lovely book to look at and beautiful read as well.

8. Web site:

We have received a report on soils and vegetation from Deborah Ormkist which we have permission to post on our website

9. Lake Stewardship:

The BCLSS Secchi dip in is on during July. We will take a reading at Prospect Lake with the next two weeks.
General discussion suggested it would be a good idea to take secchi readings before and after the weed cutter operates in the lake.

10: Next Meeting: Wednesday, Sept 2.
Location: to be decided. Any volunteers?


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