6 May 2015

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

Present: Joanne Delage, Ron Delage, Bernie Bowker, Woody Thomson, Audrey Barnes, Pat Carfra, Winona Pugh, Lori James Derry, Andrea Neumann, Mary Haig-Brown

Regrets: Sherron MacPherson, Frances Hunter, Carmel Thomson

  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Adoption of Meeting Notes from 4 March, 2015
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
    Closing Balance last meeting: $1457.48
    Expense for Web site – 30.00
    Interest + .06
    Closing balance $ 1427.57
  4. Announcements:
    Board of Variance approved height variance of building discussed last meeting. No building permit has been issued yet.
    PSS Fundraiser this Friday, 8th May – plans are coming together very well.
    PSS received a grant from Saanich as requested.
    Saanich Environmental Award ceremony will be on 15th June.
    Paper making no response to last meetings request for show of interest. Pat will talk with Frances. Audrey, Bernie, Mary, Joanne, Pat and Winona are interested in gathering and stripping Daphne. Mary checked some she stripped a while ago and stored in a paper bag. It is green and flexible.
  5. Two work parties at Whitehead:
    Sunday 17th May with Coast Capital Insurance – Ivy on the south fence. Mary will find out the time.
    Wednesday 20th May 5:30 pm with Stantec – Weed, cardboard and mulch final bit of East side by lake.
  6. Community Meeting 27th May, at PL Hall re follow up to Prospect Lake/Tod Creek Action Plan endorsed be Council 14th August, 2001. Shawn Steele, Winona Pugh and Mary are working on this. Format will be worked out at a planning meeting on Monday.
  7. World Ocean Day 6th June – World Fisheries Trust is hosting an event at Gorge Park. Andrea will talk to Francesca about moving the PSS display from the Ocean Discovery Centre where she works to Gorge Park.
  8. Projects:
    1. Eastlake: The Salal is slow growing but still there. There is some Wild Chervil, a new to us invasive. The site looks very nice thanks to Joanne.
    2. Whitehead: Much weeding is going on. Early plantings are flourishing. We may take down the first 2 exclosures later this summer.
    3. Butchart’s dam – Cutthroat trout have been seen trying to jump over the dam. Meetings with Butchart’s are going on. We still have not heard about the RFCPP grants we applied for.
    4. Maltby Lake Update – Woody says the court approved the sale of 29% of the TLC share of the property to Woody and Carmel. The date for appeal has passed and the money has changed hands. A big round of applause to Woody and Carmel. Next steps will involve going to Saanich for subdivision approval so owners will hold properties fee simple instead of percentages of the whole.
    5. Heritage – Winona said the Mapping Workshop held with help from Evergreen and Ken Josephson of UVic went very well. Valuable resources were gathered via video taped interviews done by students of Ken. The info will be transferred to CRD Green Map. Winona’s goal is to have a hard copy of the Community Map.
  9.  Sherron and Winona were judges at the Royal BC Museum for student projects. They really enjoyed seeing what the students had done.
  10. Mosi’s is having a rotating display of historic photos in the bakery.
  11. Lake Stewardship – A BCLSS course was held at Elk/Beaver Lake. The lake has many problems because of the history of the lake shed and the many different users of the lake.
  12. Web site and Facebook page – Lori continues to enrich our website. Andrea is in tune with Facebook and posts frequently. She is getting some very nice comments on her posts. She will keep adding more.
  13. Next meeting: Date: 8th July
    Location: Audrey Barnes, 140 Kiowa Place.

I will be away for the month of June. For Whitehead Park contact Audrey. For other FTCW business contact Winona.


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