September 2010

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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Present: Frances Hunter, Woody Thomson, Bernie Bowker, Art Dimock, Winona Pugh,
Audrey Barnes, Rick and Donna Todd, Mary Haig-Brown
Regrets: Sherron MacPherson, Dave Renfroe, Lori James-Derry

1.    Adoption of Agenda

2.    Adoption of Meeting Notes from 19 June, 2010

3.    Announcements and Updates:
a)    Tod Creek Flats – Winona reported that the Request for Proposals for
design drawings was posted on Saanich web site.  A small committee has
gone over the proposals and have sent them to Saanich Engineering for
comment.  The decision of which to choose is difficult.  In the meantime
Mary has been writing grant proposals and submitting them.
b)    Killarney Creek Fan – Winona has submitted a grant proposal to build a
walkway and viewing platform at Killarney Creek Fan (otherwise known
as the place Killarney Creek enters the Prospect Lake).  This project will
require volunteer labour and will demonstrate a thoughtful way to live on
the lake without destroying the foreshore.
c)    Butchart’s Fish Ladder – Mary said there has been some e-mail between
Butchart Gardens and DFO about starting to work on this long awaited
fish ladder over Butchart’s dam.  We hope to see this get started.
d)    Meadowbrook Reservoir – Mary needs a plan and estimate of the cost of
repairing the dam so she can write more grant proposals.
e)    World River’s Day – 26 September.  We decided not to organize anything
as we are all busy.

f)    Mill Hill Broom Sweep – For information only.  Saturday Sept 18th and/or
g) Heritage Society.  They are starting to collect information and will be doing
interviews starting in the fall.  Winona will talk to Dave about adding
information on the web site.

4.    Ongoing:
a)    Whitehead Park – work parties and invasives removal.  Site meeting with
Becky and Marian of Saanich Parks set for Friday at 9:30am, September
10, to discuss removal of invasive yellow willow.  (Note: this work is now
well underway.  The willow mats in the creek are to be removed as well.
We will assist Saanich Parks in planting and tending new riparian
vegetation.  The work was paid for by Saanich and a Recreation
Infrastructure Canada grant.)

b)Conservation Connection – Friday, Sept 17th ($30 includes lunch and coffee break as well as interesting speakers and networking).  Audrey and Bernie will represent FTCW.
c)    Hartland Happenings – Sunday, Sept 19th. Contact Melissa Robins or 250 727-3331.  Winona, Audrey Mary and Art and
probably Sherron will staff the display.

5.    New Business:
a) Community Weed Pull – Invasive Plant Council (funded by MAL and AEWF) 2010 Pulling Together.  Offer a $250 honourarium if we arrange for 10 people to put in 4 hours and arrange for disposal of invasives. Late note from Marian: “a local resident would like to remove ivy from the trees on East Lake Rd right-of-way and lake access but she can’t manage it herself. I suggested connecting her with Friends of Tod Creek and that perhaps this could be a future work party. Maybe this could partly fulfill your IPCBC
requirement?”  We agreed we are interested. (Note: Frances Hunter and Mary looked at the site and think it is a good place to work.  Frances will talk to immediate neighbours and Mary will arrange for an event in November.  Info on date and times will follow.  )

b) Saanich Parks Volunteer Training and Recognition Event – Saturday, Oct
16th 9:00-3:30. For regular volunteers.  Winona, Sherron, Lori, Audrey and
Mary will attend.

c)    Urban Deer – response to Saanich by Wednesday, Sept 15th. Art will draft
a letter based on the discussion we had via e-mail.  (Note: This has been
done, circulated and submitted to Saanich.)

d)    Feral Rabbits – Comments to Saanich re: BC SPCA recommendations by
October 15th.

e)    Limiting Daily use of power boats on Prospect Lake – Rick and Donna
Todd are concerned, as are others, about the fact that power boats on the
lake mean that small boats such as canoes, kayaks and sailing dingeys are
not safe.  After a discussion it was agreed that Rick would draft a
questionnaire to bring to the next meeting.  The object is to see how
people around the lake on both sides of the road would feel about limiting
powerboats to alternate days.  People who do not boat might be interested
in the quiet time.  Mary to check if Saanich has any regulations around this.
f)    A question was asked about a machine that crushes Styrofoam.  (Mary
checked with CRD.  The machine is mobile and CRD is looking into
getting it down here.  It can reduce the volume of the styrofoam by a
factor of 30 to 1. )

6.     Walks: Report on walk to Estuary with Mrs. Pugh.  Winona will arrange the next walk for the 3rd Sunday in October which is the 17th. Suggested place is from Gordana’s on Echo Drive.
7.    Next meeting: Wednesday, November 3rd at Bowker/Haig-Brown house, 237  Meadowbrook Road.


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