May 2010

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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5 MAY, 2010

Present: Winona Pugh, Pat Carfra, Sherron MacPherson, Audrey Barnes, Steve Scotton,
Bernie Bowker, Art Dimock, Mary Dimock, Mary Haig-Brown, Guest: Nina Barton

1. Agenda accepted as printed

2. Meeting notes for 3 March accepted as posted.

3. Whitehead Park
a. Concept Plan for the developed area is going to Council 10th May.
b. Removal of invasives on 24th April went very well.  Marion McCoy,
Natural Areas Technician for Saanich Parks worked with us and agreed
that we could continue on our own.  She suggested we concentrate on the
large patch of blackberries developing on the west side of the creek.  We
also walked about discussing restoration opportunities.  FTCW would like
to schedule one day a month to work at this.  Pat Carfra will contact
Marion to arrange this.
c. Nina Barton, a fisheries biologist, had a brief look at the area before our
meeting.  Based on that and our discussion she sketched out a restoration
plan for the area.  Mary to pull this together and submit to Marion.
Thank you very much, Nina.  We hope we see you again.

4. Updates –
a. Prospect Lake School Garden – a group of us have been working on
Monday mornings to weed the rain garden at Prospect Lake School.  We
are almost finished and will transfer our energies to Whitehead Park.  This
is in addition to the monthly blackberry removal.  Note: Mary will call
Marion about this as she also wants to talk about a proposed group
from Royal Oak School doing some work in conjunction with
Peninsula Streams Society.
b. Tod Creek Flats Project – we need to pull together a small steering
committee to shepherd the proposal through the next stages.  Pat Carfra
and Winona Pugh volunteered.  Mary will talk to one of the
landowners about serving on this committee.
c. Meadowbrook Reservoir – Steve reported that his former boss Chris
Ryzuk is interested in helping on this.  Steve will call the landowner to
arrange a visit.  Mary has talked to Angus Stewart about the project.
Angus has worked with Focus Engineering on several projects and thinks
they may be interested in some pro bono work.  Mary to arrange a visit
for Angus.  Mary also to send a note to Lorne Frisson of DFO
outlining the visit she, Ian Bruce and Lorne had earlier this spring.

5.   Derelict Boat Petition – Winona circulated a petition from Saanich Inlet
Protection Society (SIPS) asking Central Saanich to remove derelict boats
blocking the entrance to Tod Inlet and causing pollution from oil and batteries.  In
discussion we support this move.

6.    Sacred Salmon Migration – members will try to attend some of the events
outlined on Agenda for later this week.

7.    Funding applications –
a. Public Conservation Assistance Fund – this fund might be appropriate for
work on the boardwalk at Winona’s place.  Winona to explore this a
little further; FTCW will supply the matching volunteer labour
b. Agriculture Environment and Wildlife Fund – this fund would be
appropriate for the Tod Flats design drawings.  Tod Flats Steering
Committee to proceed with this.

8.    CRD Regional Parks Strategic Plan – We decided not to make a presentation to
the panel, but Audrey, Sherron and Winona will prepare and submit a
response form from FTCW.

9.    Art Dimock – Put in a plug for the 55+ On the Go Again programme at the hall.
They have had a variety of interesting speakers.  About 10 people attend
regularly.  Art also wanted to make sure we share ideas about Whitehead Park
with PLPS.  We have met with Shawn Steele and it seems we share a vision of the
restoration of the natural area including the start of Tod Creek.  Art also said the
issue of the Large subdivision may come up again.

10.    Next walk – Sherron will talk with Lori about a birding trip to Kerryview.
Sherron will let us know if and when this is arranged.

11.    Next Meeting: In order to avoid summer meetings, but to meet sooner than
September we decided on Wednesday, 23rd June. Location to be announced.

12.    Meeting adjourned.


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