January 2010

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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6 JANUARY, 2010

1. Present: Pat Carfra, Sherron MacPherson, Lori James Derry, Winona Pugh,
Bernie Bowker, Audrey Barnes, Steve Scotton, Mary Haig-Brown.  Arriving after
adjournment: Art Dimock.

2. Agenda adopted with addition of item on Bamberton

3. Meeting Notes of 12 November, 2009, adopted as circulated.

4. Updates:

a) Whitehead Park:   Our letter in support of Park Plan, particularly restoration
of shoreline, has been acknowledged.  Winona suggested we do an
invasive species removal on Earth Day.  Pat Carfra to write to Becky
Goodall and Adriane Pollard to arrange this.
b) Saanich referrals of Development Permits: No new ones.  Letter to Bruce
Hacking re Stevens Road subdivision sent and acknowledged.
c) Prospect Lake Book – meeting planned soon.  Committee is collecting
bios from people who have put together similar projects in the past.
Suggest that these could go on our web site.

5. Prospect Lake School Garden: Sherron has talked to the Principal who would like
some people to work with students to tidy and prune the garden.  Mary, Audrey,
Sherron, Lori and Winona volunteered to do this on Wednesday, 13 January
at 10:00.  Sherron to make arrangements.
6. Web Site updates. Wil was not present.  Many suggestions of things for the web
site were discussed.  For example: the return of the swallows to various areas of
the watershed, presence of beavers.  Sherron to talk to Laurie Empey about
adding to the site.

7. FTCW Wish List – see attached.  Mary presented the list which outlines projects
we have talked about in the past.  It lists very approximate costs for the projects.
a) Tod Flats Project: The final report is being studied by the landowners and
steering committee with comments to be in by 31st January.   These will be
incorporated and then a call for engineered drawings will be put.  In the
meantime various sources for funding are being explored.
b) Meadowbrook Reservoir: Steve Scotton will look at the dam and see if the
project can be done more simply than originally estimated.  Steve and
Mary to arrange a time.  Mary to let membership know when and
others may join us.
c) Mouth of Killarney Creek (Winona’s property) Just received an estimate
for the walkway, which is much too expensive.  More thinking to be done.

8. Other Business: Bamberton Project.  Winona brought a poster about an Art Show
at Open Space exploring the concept of a large scale development there.  Show
runs from 8 January to 20 February.
Burchart’s Dam:  Bernie pointed out that the fish way over the dam has
not yet been built although it was promised.  Mary to call Arild
Solbakken (now retired) to see who she should approach at Butchart’s
to find out when the fish ladder will be built.

9. Next Meeting – 3 March, 2010
Location: Lori James Derry, 4675 Kerryview off Petworth.


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