May 2011

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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4 MAY, 2011

Present: Winona Pugh, Lori James Derry, Sherron MacPherson, Pat Carfra, Bernie
Bowker, Mary Haig-Brown, Matt Dilay, Frances Hunter, Audrey Barnes, Woody
1. Adoption of Agenda m/s Woody/Sherron

2. Adoption of meeting notes from 3rd March, 2011 – approved

3. Announcements:
a) Cory Manton from Saanich Parks will attend a meeting to discuss our
work in the park and also the Parks Natural Areas Management
Guidelines.  The members are interested. Mary to arrange for this in
the fall.
b) Sustainable Saanich Lecture series – see poster and their web site.
There was particular interest in the rain garden workshop.

4. Updates:
a) Tod Creek Flats: Mary and Winona have had meetings with all Saanich
Councillors; Mayor; Glenn Harris, Senior manager, Environmental
Protection, CRD.  All expressed interest in the concept and we received
ideas about how to proceed.  The Mayor will send letters to our MLA
and MP asking for ideas for funding sources.
b) May Public Meeting – displays, posters – help needed. Frances,
Winona, Pat, Sherron, Audrey offered to help.  Mary to book a time at
Lana’s office to meet and prepare materials for displays and let
others know asap.
c) Prospect Lake School – heather plants from the Hort College for rain
garden are now waiting to be planted.  Mary to arrange with Mrs.
Lael a suitable time to help her students plant these.
d) Meadowbrook Reservoir – no grant from PSF, but we are working on
water licence sharing arrangement with Saanich.  Then we will reapply
in the fall as PSF implied that was their only reservation.

5. Projects:
a) Survey re Use of Prospect Lake: There was much discussion around this
issue.  In the end we decided to shelve the survey until or unless we
have a clear purpose for it.  A portable toilet has been installed at the
boat launch ramp, which should ease some of the concerns for Echo
Drive residents.  There may be a need to limit the number of users of
the ramp to the space available for parking.  We will watch

b) Whitehead Park – The Earth Day Celebration was a great deal of fun.
Congratulations and thanks to Winona for arranging this.  Paul Gerrard
and Becky Goodall went on the heritage walk and were impressed.
It is time to start the Monday morning work parties.  We will be
there from 9:30 and welcome anyone who would like to join us.  We
will be picking up yellow willow bits, which are starting to root now,
and cutting yellow flag iris.
Saanich Parks (Cory Manton) will bring truck loads of mulch from their
nursery.  We will spread this with shovels and wheelbarrows in
preparation for planting in the fall.
c) Eastlake – We had a great 2nd work party with residents and a hard
working Sandy Munns and cleared the rest of the ivy and the bamboo.
Sandy Munns is working with Cory Manton preparing a planting plan.
Saanich will dump a load of mulch there as well and we will spread
that in preparation for fall planting.

6. Heritage Report – They had their AGM in March and started on their second year
memberships.  They are applying for a $1000 grant from Arts in the CRD.  They
will feature story telling as an art and create a coffee table book of stories and
photos.  The will list the Heritage walk script in the Prospector.

7. Walk: We decided to make this a paddle.  Sunday, 5 June at 9:00 we will meet
at Whitehead Park with canoes etc.  We will paddle clockwise around the
lake gathering people as we go.  Don’t forget your life jackets

8. Next Meeting: Sunday, June 12 at noon on Woody’s dock we will have a very
short meeting and a POTLUCK  lunch.

9. Adjourn 9:35 pm

A Letter from Jenny Eastman:

Hello everyone,
We’ve made some great progress over the last few weeks removing invasive
garlic mustard from the beautiful Garry oak ecosystem at Layritz Park. An info
sheet about garlic mustard is attached.

We’ll be there for some more dates and would be happy to have your help –
there’s lots to do! Please dress for the weather, bring gloves and dandelion fork
or small trowel if you can. Drop in for as much or as little time as you can spare.
Please no pets. Feel free to pass the message on to others. Meet in the gravel
parking lot at the end of Layritz Rd. Look for folks in orange safety vests.
_ Saturday, May 7, 10AM – noon.
_ Wednesday, May 11, 12:30 – 3PM.
_ Saturday, May 14, 10AM – noon.
_ Saturday, May 21, 10AM – noon.
More dates to come as needed.

With thanks,
Jenny Eastman
Coordinator of Volunteers
Saanich Parks


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