January 2012

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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4 JANUARY, 2012

Present: Bernie Bowker, Pat Carfra, Frances Hunter, Sherron MacPherson, Audrey
Barnes, Woody Thomson, Winona Pugh, Joanne Delage, Mary Haig-Brown.

Remembering Art Dimock. We all fondly remembered a variety of things Art
meant to us. We then wrote a card to Mary Dimock and family. He will be truly
missed but, we agreed, will be looking over our shoulders to see that we do
things carefully. We also discussed the possibility of erecting some sort of
memorial to Art in the Community Hall.

1. Adoption of Agenda
2. Adoption of meeting notes from 1 November, 2011
3. Announcements:

a)VNHS presentation of Green Fire a film about Aldo Leopold Tues ,Jan 10 at 7:00pm in Room 159 of the Fraser Building at UVic.

b)Sierra Club Panel discussion on Sandown Lands – agriculture – Jan 11 at 7:00pm in Presbyterian Church, 9296 East Saanich Rd. Panelists include Elizabeth May, MP, and Bob Maxwell, farmer and chair of Peninsula Agricultural Commission, and a third speaker TBA. This promises to be a very interesting evening with importance for the future of Food Security on Vancouver Island.

c) UVic Student’s Restoration Club presentations Jan 12. 6:30pm Greg Medhurst gkmedhurst@gmail.com. FTCW are not presenting at this time as the UVic group was over subscribed. This is a chance to hear about various restoration projects going on in the CRD.

d) UVIC’s Neptune project is asking for help to monitor the data that is coming from the fibre-optic cables laid out through the Strait of Georgia. Neptune is the big brother of the Venus Project in Saanich Inlet. Neptune is receiving more data than they can absorb. I don’t know where this will lead, but it is ground/ocean-breaking. Ultimately, I hope our schools will take over and be in a position to run this monitoring program through the students of B.C. In the meantime, if anyone can help, here is a link http://digitalfishers.net/. No donations (except your time) required.

e) PLDCA Lake Access Committee recommendations – to be discussed at the 11 Jan 2011, meeting of PLDCA at the Hall at 7:30. Some suggestions we are delighted to see and a few we needed more information about before understanding their significance.

4. Projects:

a) Whitehead Park: Restoration plan for East side of creek. Marian McCoy has drawn up a draft plan which was enthusiastically endorsed by the membership. Funding is from a Fido-Evergreen grant of $2 000 received in the fall. Sherron is the keeper of the purse. Sherron reports: $2 000 from Fido Evergreen and $250 from Invasive Plant Council of BC has been deposited in Credit Union. Expenses to date: Leather gloves $77.28. Current balance: $2172.72. $400 committed to Melica Environmental for Plan and on-going consultation, $35 for folding table, $53.00 (?) for weed wrench. We plan to buy a few more tools and then spend the rest on plants. Joanne has donated a couple of wheelbarrows. Mary to discuss the plan with Cory Manton. Adriane Pollard suggests we may need to also consult Dwayne Halderson about the ephemeral stream because it is probably partly on road allowance.

Discussion of plans for continued restoration of West side of creek. We need to remove the Yellow Flag Iris which will no doubt spread even further now that the willows have been removed. Because this will involve in-stream work,
we will get help from Sara Stallard who oversaw the removal of the willows. We will apply for a Saanich Matching Grant to fund this work. Adriane Pollard asks that we use Photo Point Monitoring to document this work. Mary to talk with Cory; Winona will work on grant proposal.

b) Eastlake – We had a successful planting party on November 20th. We hope the baby plants thrive under Joanne’s watchful eye. Joanne has been very nurturing. First the plants were dug up by deer (?) who were after the bone meal
we put in the planting holes. Joanne replanted them. Next a broken water line was washing out several of the plants. Joanne has rescued these and will replant when the line is repaired by Saanich. Depending on how much area is disturbed in this process, Joanne may need some help with the nurturing. I need some high res pictures from this event for the Pen Streams blog. Audrey will supply these.

c) Meadowbrook Reservoir – still waiting for DU to visit the site. Mary to e- mail Ducks Unlimited to see when they can come.

4. Grant applications:
a) Saanich Matching Grant for Whitehead west side. Deadline 28 February. See above.
b) Pacific Salmon Foundation for Meadowbrook Reservoir. 15 February. Mary to work on this if DU agrees to hold the Conservation part of the water license.
c) Evergreen- either $2 000 or up to $10 000. We will wait on this until we either get other grants or know we need this one.
d) TD Friends of the Environment – Deadline 15 February, 15 May, 15 Aug. Amount based on application. Usually 500-5 000 range. We agreed to apply for this for further work on West side of Tod Creek in time for
the May 15 deadline.
5. Heritage report: Councillor Vicki Sanders will give a talk on adding energy efficiency to older houses on Sunday Feb 26 at Tia’s Heritage Café.

Group is gathering pictures and stories for including in a book to be published in May.

6. Walks: Sunday 5 February, at 1:00 meet at corner of West Saanich and Wallace Drive to walk up trail to Caldicott and beyond.

7. Other business: A strange algae is blooming in the lake. Winona to consult with Lake Stewardship Society about this.

8. Next meeting: 7 March, 2012, at Audrey Barnes’ house on Kiowa Place.


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