5 Nov 2014

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Regrets: Sherron MacPherson, June Pretzer, Lin Callow, Carmel and Woody Thomson, Frances Hunter

Present: Joanne Delage, Winona Pugh, Bernie Bowker. Pat Carfra, Lori James Derry, Mary Haig-Brown

Adoption of Agenda Adoption of Meeting Notes from 10 September, 2015

Treasurer’s report.

  • Closing balance last meeting; $1712.90
  • Expenses: BCLake Stewardship Membership
  • Current balance: $1672.98


  • Winona’s BCLSS Outstanding Volunteer Efforts Award. Awarded at BCLSS conference for her work setting up Stewardship Workshop and ongoing water quality testing.
  • Keep Maltby Lake Wild fundraiser on Saturday, 8 Nov. See below.
  • Evergreen Work Party on 15 Nov.
  • Will do planting at Lohr Road as well as Water Quality testing.
  • Bat study completed for this year.


  • Whitehead Park. Thanks to Joanne for cardboard to mask out Reed Canary Grass. Saanich has brought us a load of mulch to put on top of it. Also brought a load of chips so we can top up the trails. Joanne will bring us more cardboard. The creek is running well. June has some ideas for improving the appearance of the wet land it runs into.
  • Evergreen monthly Work Party – 3rd Saturday of each month. Water Quality testing, invasive removal and this month, November 15th, planting of the site at Lohr Road where the new culvert went in. The planting site was prepared by Saanich Creeks, Waterways, Storm and Waste Water department. They have provided the plants as well. June is interested in doing Community Mapping, and Winona has connected her with Ken Josephson of UVic.
  • Butchart’s dam – Site was studied by Ian Bruce, Philip Grange who did the design for the fish ladder many years ago, and Newton Hockey who has actually talked with Butchart’s. The fishway built over the falls appears to still be functional. The fish ladder would remove the final barrier for fish (coho) to have access to the watershed. We will apply for grants for that. The proposal will be discussed at a meeting on Friday.
  • Tod Creek Flats – The DFO RFCPP grant deadline is December 12th. The team is meeting on Friday to plan for this project and start on the grant proposal(s). The “team” is Nikki Wright, Lin Callow, Ian Bruce, Tobi Gardner, Newton Hockey, Francesca Loro and Mary Haig-Brown. RFCPP requires matching funds. We will apply to PSS and others for that.
  • Maltby Lake – plans for the fund raiser are in place, Tickets are available at Rob Oldfield’s Garage ($35). Sales are moving along nicely so make sure to get there before they are all gone. A few more volunteers needed for set up at 10:00 Sat morning. One volunteer needed to help with parking. Does anyone have safety vests for parking attendants? The Pulling Together people from Whitehead Park have some.
  • Web site – Lori continues to build on and improve the web site. She will add a children’s page listing resources for children.
  • The CRD Water Quality Team liked our site so much they have offered to help us by analyzing samples in their lab. Christoph Moch, Laura Kline of CRD Water Quality and Dale Green of CRD Watershed Management came for a tour of our watershed. Winona and Mary led them to Maltby Lake and then to Meadowbrook Reservoir and across to Killarney Lake. We may arrange to show them the rest of the watershed at a later date. Laura took samples from the lakes and has sent us some results which we need interpreted. Dale is working on a great map of our watershed. It should be ready soon.
  • Lake Stewardship – Winona. RNS student, Debora Obrist, will be doing a field study on private land in our watershed. A good discussion of possible projects. Suggestions included: Monitoring of algal blooms Education about sampling methods of macro growth Pat said there were fewer weeds at her area than there were 40 years ago. Joanne finds many cut weeds floating about the time the out board motors get active. Suggestion: we could monitor about 8 zones for weed growth 2 or 3 times per year. Winona will investigate these suggestions.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 7 January, 2015

Location: Audrey Barnes house, 140 Kiowa Place.


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