5 July 2017

Meeting Notes

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed meet the first Wednesday of every second month.
You are welcome to join us.

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.

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Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Present: Woody Thomson, Carmel Thomson, Janet Williams, Pat Carfra, Winona Pugh, Mary Haig-Brown
Regrets: Joanne Delage, Bernie Bowker, Sherron MacPherson, Michael and Lori James Derry

Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 3 May, 2017
Treasurer’s Report
Closing balance 3 May $ 755.68
No activity
Closing Balance 5 July $ 755.68

Mary is retiring in June, 2018.

DFO funding for education programmes was restored. FTCW received a letter from Diana Trager, Director, Oceans and Salmon Enhancement Programme of DFO informing us that “…services previously identified as being part of the reductions will be maintained….” That is great news and largely due to the outcry and letters from all concerned.

Pen Streams – Please renew memberships if you haven’t already done so. Several of the projects we are involved in are due to the work of PSS. Renew on the PSS web site or email me mhaigbrown@telus.net. Cost is $20.00 for the year.

PLPS meeting re Coho release –continued education needed as there is much misinformation about the needs of Coho. People were mostly concerned about the loss of enjoyment of their waterfront and the resultant loss in property value. It is expected that, if they were not reassured at the PLPS meeting, they will learn more in our October events, the bus tour and panel discussion.

Watershed bus tours scheduled for Saturdays Oct 7 & 21 and an Open house/panel discussion for Saturday Oct 14 at the Unitarian Church. Planning is in process. It was suggested we send invitations to the media and politicians for the bus tours.

Water Quality monitoring – ongoing with the next session on Sunday. Winona and Mary would be happy to have anyone who is interested come along.
Maltby monitoring will begin July 12

Tod Creek work – PSS has RFCPP grant to finish Flats work and restore Tod Creek from Adoption of Agenda

Whitehead Park –

East side maintenance is always useful. Mulching trails, weeding around plants and enjoying the beauty are ongoing.

West side Reed Canary Grass is being spread with cardboard and mulched. We will plant on this in the fall. The idea is to keep the RCG down until the riparian plants are big enough to shade it out.
On July 18 we will be hosting 28 students from Quebec who are here with the YMCA. They will meet with Elizabeth May for ½ hour and then spend the next 1 ½ hours working on the cardboard and pulling ivy. Saanich will bring the necessary tools and then take away the pile of ivy. This event takes place from 7-9 pm with arrival at the park shortly after 7:30. Feel free to come and enjoy the fun.

Web site continues to grow under the direction of Lori.

Lake Stewardship – Winona reports that the summer sampling will be done again this summer. The secci disc readings will be done in July as per the BC Lake Stewardship protocols. Plant sampling will happen in September as this is usually the time of maximum growth.

Maltby Lake continues to be beautiful and as we held the meeting we watched beaver and birds going about their business.

Next meeting – 6 September. Location: Janet Williams, 2281 Burkin Place. This will be the first time we have met in the Highlands on the rim of our watershed.


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