Whitehead Park 2017

Whitehead Park: 1st Jan 2017.


16th Jan 2017: Inspecting the park, planning the future plantings and enjoying what we have: 

From the west side of the park, note the ducks in the creek.


Audrey, walking on Goward toward the bridge.


Michael, Mary and Audrey, note how high the creek is.


Beaver cutting of small tree.


Some of our labelled plants.


‘Wild Life Tree’ designation, looking well used.


The evolving east side of Whitehead Park.

Note the changes from these March 2012 photos of our first plantings:

March 2012

March 2012











23 January, 2017 

Audrey, Lori, Michael and Mary met at the Park to see how it looked. Still cold but the buds are beginning to swell and the birds are singing. Flock of American Coots on the creek. Everyone worked: ½ hours.

30 January

Mary and Audrey pulled blackberry roots over by the big tree. They continue to come out easily, but it was so cold that we took our frozen hands home after ½ hour.

6 February

Snow, no work done
13 February, 2017 – Cold and snowy

13th Feb 2017

Cold and snowy, no work done today but lots of great shots of the park in winter.































































































































































































































































20 February, 2017

Audrey, Lori and Mary. Getting more blackberries out of the roses, pruned roses back from path. Lori took pictures. As well. Don Illingworth came to discuss plants and help us get the blackberries out.


27th Feb 2017 

More roses and blackberries by Lori and Mary. Don Illingworth and Shelby arrived with approx. 100 plants. Because it was snowing so heavily we could not plant, but we did place them approximately where they will go. Very beautiful, but cold. We worked: 1 hour.

Plant delivery from Saanich [Don and Shelby].


6 March

Mary, Don and Sandy Munns planted what they brought last week.it took over 2 hours but it was great to see. Doug fir and salal up slope and lots of willow, dogwood, ninebark, roses etc. down nearer the water. It snowed a little, but the work got done and looks great.  Volunteers worked 2 ½ hours.

13 and 20 March

Mary was away. Lori and Michael spread more chips on the trails. We have asked for mulch for the new plantings.

27 March

Michael, Audrey and Mary were joined by Nancy, who has just moved here from Winnipeg. Saanich has brought the mulch and Michael used the wheel barrow to bring it to the new plants while Nancy and Mary spread it around their roots and Audrey attacked more blackberries. We will finish that job next week and then ask for more chips for the trails. Lots of buds on everything. The pink current is in full bloom and the red is not far behind. Everyone worked for two hours.

April 3, 2017

We spent the morning spreading mulch. Michael wheelbarrowed load to places it was needed and I think we have mulched all the new plantings and lots of the older ones. Lori raked the path as well. I discovered that the mystery plants that we thought might be dead and that the deer loved is Lonicera involucrate (Black twinberry). We should have guessed by how much the deer had pruned it. I wish I could say I figured it out, but really I found one with a label still on it. The pink current is still full out and the red is showing colour. Lori, Michael, Audrey, Nancy and Mary spent almost 2 hours.


April 10, 2017 

A glorious day in the park. Adam Stel and two of his sibs came. After a look at Kelly’s puppies we did a tour of the site to take stock. Things are coming along nicely with the warming weather. The pink current is still looking lovely. The red is not as robust looking as last year. Add mulch. Michael got to work on the last of the mulch while the rest of us had a good look at the west side. Adam and his sibs Jayda and Royce decided to concentrate on getting the reed canary grass out of the plantings on the west side. There are also a few blackberries springing up. They soon had a good pile for Saanich to pick up, and the hardhack and roses are looking glad to be free of their bonds. Audrey and Nancy could not resist working on the blackberries that are creeping through the grass where we first started working years ago. Cardboard and mulch are needed for the next step. I finished helping Michael with the mulch spreading. Don Lowen came by bringing students to release their coho in the creek. So great to see the park being enjoyed.
Later in the day Michael brought a huge load of cardboard.

April 17, 2017 

Saanich has delivered chips and 2 loads of mulch. Michael placed wheelbarrow loads of mulch at spots on the east side some of which we have spread around the plants. Audrey continued chasing blackberries since they are still easy to get out. Nancy spread mulch and did blackberries. On the west side Adam, Jayda and Mercedes Stel worked on the cardboard and mulch. The girls cleaned the tape etc. from the cardboard and Adam spread it around the plants they had cleared of RCG last week. Lots of great work done. 7 people for 2 hours.

22 April, 2017

SOUTH PROSPECT LAKE PARK worked with the Green Team to clear primarily broom from the upland area north of the parking lot. It is two years since we have been here and we did not do the whole area before so there was plenty to do. Nine volunteers from the Green Team and one from FTCW hauled out a huge pile of broom, some dead but most of it green, a combination of sprouts from before and stuff we had not reached before. Also got some large Daphne. 4 hours plus 1 hour reconnoitring yesterday.

24 April, 2017 

Lori and Mary spread the mulch piles that Michael had placed last week around more of the plants. They are looking healthy; I hope the mulch keeps them that way through the summer. Audrey is still chasing blackberries and is eying the Lamium. On the west side Adam and Royce Stel finished cleaning and spreading the cardboard and covered it with mulch. 5 people for 1 ½ hours.

On the 24th of April, spring photos:

1 May, 2017 

Mary and Audrey spread more mulch on plantings, particularly the Black Twinberry that had not been done yet. Also took out some blackberry starts there. The place is looking nice with all its new leaves and some flowers. 2 people for 1 hour.

8 May, 2017 

Adam and Royce worked on more cardboard and mulch, while the rest of us toured the site with Kristen Miskelly. We had asked her to come to give us some advice about planting on top of the cardboard/mulch over the reed canary grass. We also toured through the east side to show off what we had done. Kristen helped us identify some of the sedges we have been puzzling about. Carex obnupta (slough sedge) is looking beautiful just now. Dewey’s sedge is very delicate looking with the flower buds just starting to show. Winona, Lori, Audrey and Mary walked with Kristen while Adam and Royce worked away. 1 ½ hours.


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