Local Photos

Photographs of the watershed, open for submissions.

Please send your photographs to   lori4675@gmail.com   along with any information you would like attached [i.e. the plant/s or animal/s or location definitions, and your name if you would like it included].

Man, dog and Heron in the snow at Tod Creek, Whitehead Park: 27th Feb 2017.

Viaduct Flats, accessed off Interurban, offers a bird viewing platform with a telescope. Photos: Feb 18th 2017.





Snow in Whitehead Park: Feb 2017.


20th Jan: Farmers field from Brookleigh Road, near the corner of Oldfield Rd.


Jan 14th: Tod Flats, from behind the Red Barn.


Jan 11th: Ragbag Lichen, attached to Garry oak tree.












Jan 5th, 2017: Whitehead Park, looking across Prospect Lake.



Jan 1st, 2017: Tod Flats, from Kiowa Road, looking toward the Red Barn.

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