Local Photos

Photographs of the watershed, open for submissions.

Please send your photographs to   lori4675@gmail.com   along with any information you would like attached [i.e. the plant/s or animal/s or location definitions, and your name if you would like it included].

Man, dog and Heron in the snow at Tod Creek, Whitehead Park: 27th Feb 2017.

Viaduct Flats, accessed off Interurban, offers a bird viewing platform with a telescope. Photos: Feb 18th 2017.





Snow in Whitehead Park: Feb 2017.


20th Jan: Farmers field from Brookleigh Road, near the corner of Oldfield Rd.


Jan 14th: Tod Flats, from behind the Red Barn.


Jan 11th: Ragbag Lichen, attached to Garry oak tree.












Jan 5th, 2017: Whitehead Park, looking across Prospect Lake.



Jan 1st, 2017: Tod Flats, from Kiowa Road, looking toward the Red Barn.


June 3, 2017.


Monotropa uniflora, also known as the ghost plant, Indian pipe, or corpse plant.

Photographed on Prospect Lake private property, July 2017.

This plant is white as it does not contain chlorophyll; considered parasitic because it doesn’t get energy from the sun, but from hosts which are a type of fungi, which in turn are in a symbiotic relationship with photosynthetic trees, therefore it can grow in very dark environments [i.e. the understory of dense forest].

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