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5 July 2017


Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Present: Woody Thomson, Carmel Thomson, Janet Williams, Pat Carfra, Winona Pugh, Mary Haig-Brown
Regrets: Joanne Delage, Bernie Bowker, Sherron MacPherson, Michael and Lori James Derry

Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 3 May, 2017
Treasurer’s Report
Closing balance 3 May $ 755.68
No activity
Closing Balance 5 July $ 755.68

Mary is retiring in June, 2018.

DFO funding for education programmes was restored. FTCW received a letter from Diana Trager, Director, Oceans and Salmon Enhancement Programme of DFO informing us that “…services previously identified as being part of the reductions will be maintained….” That is great news and largely due to the outcry and letters from all concerned.

Pen Streams – Please renew memberships if you haven’t already done so. Several of the projects we are involved in are due to the work of PSS. Renew on the PSS web site or email me Cost is $20.00 for the year.

PLPS meeting re Coho release –continued education needed as there is much misinformation about the needs of Coho. People were mostly concerned about the loss of enjoyment of their waterfront and the resultant loss in property value. It is expected that, if they were not reassured at the PLPS meeting, they will learn more in our October events, the bus tour and panel discussion.

Watershed bus tours scheduled for Saturdays Oct 7 & 21 and an Open house/panel discussion for Saturday Oct 14 at the Unitarian Church. Planning is in process. It was suggested we send invitations to the media and politicians for the bus tours.

Water Quality monitoring – ongoing with the next session on Sunday. Winona and Mary would be happy to have anyone who is interested come along.
Maltby monitoring will begin July 12

Tod Creek work – PSS has RFCPP grant to finish Flats work and restore Tod Creek from Adoption of Agenda

Whitehead Park –

East side maintenance is always useful. Mulching trails, weeding around plants and enjoying the beauty are ongoing.

West side Reed Canary Grass is being spread with cardboard and mulched. We will plant on this in the fall. The idea is to keep the RCG down until the riparian plants are big enough to shade it out.
On July 18 we will be hosting 28 students from Quebec who are here with the YMCA. They will meet with Elizabeth May for ½ hour and then spend the next 1 ½ hours working on the cardboard and pulling ivy. Saanich will bring the necessary tools and then take away the pile of ivy. This event takes place from 7-9 pm with arrival at the park shortly after 7:30. Feel free to come and enjoy the fun.

Web site continues to grow under the direction of Lori.

Lake Stewardship – Winona reports that the summer sampling will be done again this summer. The secci disc readings will be done in July as per the BC Lake Stewardship protocols. Plant sampling will happen in September as this is usually the time of maximum growth.

Maltby Lake continues to be beautiful and as we held the meeting we watched beaver and birds going about their business.

Next meeting – 6 September. Location: Janet Williams, 2281 Burkin Place. This will be the first time we have met in the Highlands on the rim of our watershed.

3 May 2017



Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Present: Bernie Bowker, Gwen Curry, Joanne Delage. Walter Wright, Pat Carfra, Winona Pugh, Mary Haig-Brown
Regrets: Carmel Thomson, Lori and Michael Derry, Audrey Barnes

Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 1 March, 2017
Treasurer’s report
Closing balance 1 March $ 805.68
BC Lake Stewardship renewal 50.00
Closing balance $ 755.68

Pen Streams AGM, Saturday, 6 May at Brentwood Lodge from 3:00-5:00. Guest speaker is Dr. Richard (Dick) Beamish, Emeritus scientist, Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo.
Memberships are now due for this year
Tod Creek Watershed Bus Tour planning meeting has been rescheduled. New date not yet chosen. The bus is currently booked for the weekend of July 8-9. Discussion decided that 3 hours was long enough so there is probably not time to visit Trevlac or Maltby.
Underwood Park visit. A new park off Interurban Trail. Mary and Winona and Jenny Eastman walked and saw a beautiful 6 acre site which is beautifully restoring itself to a natural area.
South Prospect Lake Park broom bash on 22 April with Green Team was a great success. The difference in the park after 3 years of broom removal is marked. The wild flowers are at their best just now.
Stream keepers Course was successful and fun. 10 new Streamkeepers completed the course.

Water Quality monitoring continues on first weekend of the month. Winona and Mary will go out this weekend. We are taking DO and pH readings on Killarney Creek above Bowker pond, and Tod Creek at Goward Road, Lohr Road, Red Barn, Farmington Road, Durrance Lake and Durrance Road Bridge.
That is 7 sites.

Killarney Lake bathymetry will help in working toward this as a source of water for Tod Creek. Winona brought a map done by Ministry of Lands and Forests in 1951 showing the lake to be 60+ feet deep. A phone call from a neighbour reported a bad smell coming from the film covered, silted lake. A visit this morning by Bernie revealed the smell fading and the lake water clear to about 4 feet with no surface film. Perhaps the warming weather has caused the lake to turn over.
Whitehead Park – continuing with weeding, laying cardboard and mulching. Kristen Miskelly is coming on Monday to advise about plantings on top of the mulch. She will be there at 9:30 to advise about plants such as Douglas Aster to plant on top of the mulch. We will apply for a Small Sparks Grant to buy suitable plants.
Tod Creek Flats and Butchart’s dam.
We are waiting for news of grant from RFCPP. We will continue last summer’s work and work upstream on riffles and spawning beds.
The camera has been installed at the Fish Ladder at Butchar’s dam. Smolt from flats have been observed as well as a Coho fresh from the sea. Wrong time of year, what was it up to? See attached draft for a sign to be installed at the fence.
Web site – Lori continues to update this site regularly. Visit it at:
Lake Stewardship – Winona plans another Aquatic Plant survey in the summer.
Maltby Lake – Woody was not present.
Next meeting: 5 July, 2017
Location: To be announced. (possibly Maltby Lake).

1 March 2017


Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed

Present: Lori James Derry, Michael Derry, Bernie Bowker, Winona Pugh, Walter Wright, Carmel Thomson, Brian Koval, Mary Haig-Brown
Regrets: Pat C., Ian Duncan and Anne Allen, Sherron MacPherson, Joanne Delage, Woody Thomson
Guest: Brian Koval, PSS.
Special welcome to new member Walter Wright
Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 4 January, 2017
Treasurer’s report: Closing Balance 4 Jan $805.68
No significant change in balance. Update at next meeting.

Saanich Council Grants in Aid on Tue. 14 March. We need a volunteer to accompany Francesca. Brian may go.
South Prospect Lake Broom Bash still on April 22 from 9:45 – 1:00. The date change discussed at the meeting will not happen. We cut the broom on Earth Day along with The Green Team.
Green Shores Workshop is on March 3. There may be a space or 2 left. Call (250) 721-8463 for more info. This is an excellent course.
Streamkeepers course March 25-26th. Brian is one of the instructors. An outline of the course is at the end of these notes.
– Calls for another bus tour possibly in the spring. We may do this in spring or fall.
Great beach restoration in Tod Inlet. Cement pad and soil was removed and a huge barge load of gravel and sand was put in its place. This is beside the floats and nature float. It is expected that this non polluted material will be colonized by clams and other sea life. A visit on Family Day two days later revealed families sitting in the sunshine on the sloping gravel beach watching their children play. Thanks go to SeaChange (Nikki Wright) and Pen Streams.
Creek monitoring – DO metre is unrepairable. We can borrow one from PSS. We will start our year of monitoring asap. Mary and Winona will lead. Interested volunteers always welcome.
– Working on getting bathymetry of Killarney Lake. CRD not likely to repair the dam any time soon. We may install a controlled siphon to let water out in the low flow season.
– Whitehead Park – Saanich brought the plants on Monday in the snow. Too snowy for planting. We will work on planting on Monday at 9:30 as usual. This should be the last major planting for this restoration project.

Tod Creek Flats – Brian reported that on Friday, March 3 they will be installing smolt traps on the culverts to enable monitoring of the smolts heading off the flats. Non-clipped smolts were released on the Flats on 10 January and clipped smolts were release at various spots in Tod Creek on 15 February. The traps will enable us to monitor weight gain on the flats and the clipping will let us know if fish are going over the berm onto the flats or not. Friday, March 3 at 10:00 behind the Red Barn for installation of traps. Come and see. Traps will be checked daily after that.

A fish counting camera will be installed on Butchart’s fishway on Thursday, 9 March. This will let us know who is going out to sea and who is coming back. A live stream from this camera is on the wish list. Currently there is no wi-fi access at the site.

Web site: Lori
Signs for park: Lori is working with Andrew Burger to get some small signs showing before and after photos of restoration sites at various spots in the park.

– Interview with Ron de Pol. Ron was one of the original people who worked on the restoration of Tod Creek. We are building on his work and are deeply grateful to him. Lori will interview him and put the result on our web site.

Lake Stewardship: Winona met with Sean Steele, Eva Riccius of Saanich Parks, Adriane Pollard of Sannich Environmental Services. They would like to collate the data that has been collected already and add additional data as it is collected. Saanich will participate. Data on blue/green algae as was seen at Christmas is very important. A further distribution of the book Living By Water was proposed. Adriane is looking into this.

Maltby: Carmel reports they are working toward strategies for ensuring that the land and lake are protected.
Heritage – Winona reports they are working learning about the new regulations in the Societies Act. One project they have is working on Heritage designation for Dumbleton Lodge.

Next meeting – May 3rd
Location: Haig-Brown/Bowker house.