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3 Jan 2018


Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Regrets: Janet Williams, Sherron MacPherson, Joanne Delage, Lori James Derry
Present: Ian Duncan, Michael Derry, Anne Allen, Pat Carfra, Carmel Thomson, Winona Pugh, Audrey Barnes, Bernie Bowker, Mary Haig-Brown

Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 1 November, 2017 after a change in heading from “Agenda” to “Meeting Notes.”

Treasurer’s Report
Closing Balance 1 Nov, 2017 $744.68
No Change.

Bus tour on 5 Nov was another great success with 40 participants.

Letter in support of Green Team has been sent. A card of thanks from the Green Team was circulated.

PSS fund raiser generated $6,700.00.

GOERT Colloquium report – Winona, Audrey and Carmel attended. Speakers on many related topics were very informative.

Saanich Inlet Roundtable – Winona is our representative. Their big push at the moment is the matter of moored boats, some live aboards, some storage, some derelict, some in use, but there are too many for the space. The Mayor of Central Saanich is taking action which will get results.

Questionnaire re Professional Reliance Model – Winona reported that there is a very important questionnaire on the B.C. web site having to do with the Professional Reliance Model for environmental reviews of projects throughout BC. Information and the questionnaire can be found at: . The deadline for input is 19th January.

Follow up to Open House, Water Sustainability Act and Water Licences. Mary is still trying to get a speaker to address these issues, but so far has not succeeded.

Water Quality – Winona and Mary continue to take readings. February 2018 will complete the year. Ian and Michael will join us on our next session. We will meet at Mary’s house at 9:30 on Sunday morning. We survey at 7 sites and the process takes about 2 hours. This routine data gathering provides an important source of information for continued monitoring of the state of the watershed.
Carmel is trying to interest FMLW young board members in doing readings at Maltby. This is an excellent way to become involved without a huge time commitment.

Tod Creek Flats – a meeting is being arranged for this month with the Landowners, Terry Mitchell, who is leasing the land, and Lana Popham to see about pesticide free farming in order to maintain the healthy watershed.

Whitehead Park – Good Pulling Together workshop at HCP on Nov. 18. Maintenance continues on most Mondays mornings at 9:30. We discussed changing the time but this time seemed to be as good a time as any.

Discussion about future of FTCW including political neutrality position. We agreed that remaining politically neutral as a group was important. We demonstrate our interest in the watershed by working to improve its health. We are open to all who care to join in our projects.
Since Mary has only 2 more meetings as chair a discussion ensued about possibilities for the future of FTCW. Bernie was tasked with being the person to find a successor.

Web site– Lori was absent. We noted the interest generated by Lori’s stunning photo of Tod Creek Flats. We suggest adding links to Saanich Inlet Roundtable and SIPS.
Historical Society – Winona reports they have had their AGM, satisfied the changes needed by the new Societies Act and continue as a registered society. In March we will walk in Dominion Brook Park where the stream has been restored and the rhodos will be lovely.
Leading walks, publicly advertised, following the route the Society worked out a few years ago was suggested. Winona will work on this.

Maltby Lake – Carmel reported that they lost a couple of large cedars in recent storms.
The Victoria Foundation has added Maltby to their legacy fund and will be able to match some doners gifts. This is a big boost to the confidence of the Friends of Maltby Lake Watershed Society. We congratulate them.

Next meeting 7 March, 2018, at 7:30.
Location: Ian and Anne’s house.

1 Nov 2017


Mission: to protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Regrets: Michael Derry, Lori James Derry, Bernie Bowker
Present: Ian Duncan, Anne Allen, Audrey Barnes, Carmel Thomson, Winona Pugh, Pat Carfra, Joanne Delage, Mary Haig-Brown

Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 6 September, 2017

Treasurer’s Report:
Closing Balance 6 Sept, 2017 $ 744.68
No changes this period


Conservation Connection Forum: Carmel, Mary and Ian attended. 9 interesting speakers and much networking.

Green Team (Amanda Evans) would like a general letter of support stressing the work they have done in Saanich. The letter will be used in fund raising and grant applications. The Green Team gives environmental projects a huge boost at no cost to the organization, but at a big cost to the organizers (Amanda). Grant money would make this very worthwhile organization viable. Winona and Joanne will write and send this letter.

Saanich Inlet Roundtable – Winona reported that the Round Table would like us to join them. They have done much to rid the inlet of derelict boats and buoys, discussed the proposed LNG facility and are now looking at run off into the inlet, a perfect fit for FTCW. Winona will represent us at future meetings and keep us informed.

PSS Fundraiser – Dinner (tickets $60.00, 1/2 are sold) and Silent Auction at Prospect Lake Hall on November 25, 2017. Some silent auction items open for bidding on PSS web site starting Friday:

Killarney Lake Bathymetry has been done by CRD. Lake is 19m deep with a surprisingly symmetrical bowl. This suggests that it contains a good supply of water which could be used to enhance Killarney Creek in periods of low flow in October and November.

Saanich Tree Appreciation Day Nov. 4, 2017. Planting events are at Swan Creek and at Brydon & Mahon Brook GORP site from 10:00 – 12:00.

Watershed Bus Tour. Nov. 5th. Meet at Prospect Lake School at 9:45. Light lunch provided by Red Barn. Return to school at 2:30. This is the second tour which was postponed from Oct. 21. There were still 10 seats available as of 1 November. Call Francesca at Pen Streams to reserve one of these.

Open House on Oct. 14th was highly successful. A good discussion with a panel of experts and plenty of time for questions. All was brilliantly moderated by Anne Marie Daniel. From informal discussions it appears that some people’s fears were allayed.

Follow up needed. Water Sustainability Act? We agreed that the questions arising at the meeting had to do with water sustainability, water licences and other issues requiring permissions. We would like to sponsor a public meeting to address these issues. Mary will find a speaker and a venue.


Water quality monitoring continues monthly. Next date Mon 6 November. We have also been going with Kitty Lloyd of CRD on their 5 in 30 round on Tod Creek. Mary and Winona will do our sampling collection along with Kitty Lloyd of CRD. Mary and Carmel will do Maltby after that.

Tod Creek Flats – Landowners are interested in exploring the idea of a wet land. Meeting with Saanich on Nov. 20th to discuss this. Mary will attend representing FTCW.

Whitehead Park. – Maintenance on going. Michael is top dressing the trails with chips. The horsetail is dying down exposing the plants with their new summer growth.

Pulling Together Training is on Nov. 18th.

Web site – Lori keeps adding to this very informative site. People mentioned appreciating the photos and the History paper.

Lake Stewardship – Winona. Aquatic Plant Survey was held on Oct 1st. There was still plenty of coontail. No invasives were observed. An algae bloom was noted at the north end of the lake. A sample has been taken to Laura Kline of CRD.

History – With much effort we produced a document that outlines our achievements over the last 17 years. Lori has posted this on the web site. As Ian pointed out this will be valuable in any future grant applications.

Historical Society – Winona reports the AGM will be held next Thurs at 11:00 at the Charlotte and Quail. The changes resulting from the new Societies Act will be ratified.

Maltby Lake nothing to report

Next Meeting – January 3rd, 2018.
Location: Audrey’s

Winona, Carmel & Lori will be attending this worthwhile event:

6 Sept 2017


Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.
Regrets: Carmel Thomson, Walter Wright
Present: Michael Derry, Pat Carfra, Audrey Barnes, Ann Allen, Ian Duncan, Woody Thomson, Bernie Bowker, Winona Pugh, Lori James Derry, Joanne Delage, Janet Williams, Mary Haig-Brown

Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of Meeting Notes of 5 July, 2017 with change 5 b) Tod Creek work…”restore Tod Creek from Hartland Road to Lohr Road”

Treasurer’s Report:
Closing balance 5 July $ 755.68
Cheque for SD Cards – 41.00
Deposit donation + 30.00
Balance 6 Sept, 2017 $ 744.68


Conservation Connection Forum – Thurs. Oct 12 at Hort Centre
Register at HAT web site or phone 250-995-2428. Cost $50.00. Mary has registered for this excellent event. See attached poster.

PSS Memberships available for those who have not renewed
Open House event Saturday Oct, 14th – Planning in progress. Watershed bus tours on Oct 7th and Oct 21st. Please register on PSS web site. Discussion about the timing of the bus tour. Perhaps Maltby Lake could be a separate event combined with the Historical Society AGM at the end of October.

Trail Connection – Janet Williams reported that Lister Farrer of Camosun’s Centre for Sports Excellence is organizing a bike ride which will cross private land under the power lines. This is a onetime only event. Unfortunately a map of the route showing the private land area as trail was published in the TC. This has led to cyclists crossing the private land without permission or respect for the land.

Email from PLPS re meeting was received by Winona suggesting some members would like to come to a meeting. We suggested she reply pointing out that all our meeting notes are posted on our website and asking if they have a specific item they are interested in.


Water Quality monitoring – Ongoing on Tod Creek (7 sites), Maltby (3 sites). Also Kitty Lloyd of CRD is doing 5 sites on Tod and Killarney 5 times now and then 5 times after the rains start. We will share data.

Tod Creek Flats – Michael will be pouring footings for head walls at the creek end of the culverts. He hopes to set it up so that the fish traps will be easier to access, count and empty. The muskrat living in the central culvert will have to find a more conventional home.

The work on the creek between Hartland and Lohr Roads has been completed. Golden willow was removed and riffles installed to permit better flow.

Whitehead Park – On 18th July 28 Quebec Students came to hear Elizabeth May speak. Then we went to the Park where they did more cardboard and mulch, and removed blackberries and ivy. They accomplished more than expected which was great.
Fall planting on west side to cover the mulch and cardboard will begin soon. We had applied for a Small Sparks Grant from Saanich for plants, but have not heard so will probably spread some seed instead. The current HAT newsletter on bees has a list of plants to attract pollinators. We will use this and Kristen Miskelly’s list of suggested plants to guide us.
Maintenance on east side involves cleaning up trails and removing excess growth where appropriate.
The Wheelbarrow is gone! Michael has offered a replacement.

Web site – Lori has added the photo point monitoring photos of the flats to the site. She continues to update as appropriate.

Lake Stewardship – Winona – Aquatic Plant survey will take place in September or early October. Joanne will arrange for a floating dock and Winona will call for volunteers when she knows the date.

History – We are working on a history of FTCW. A group of us have been going through 17 years of Meeting Notes. It is a huge job as we have done so much in that time. We are trying to pick out a few key events with some sort of indexing system if possible. We need a brief summary of our history for October Open House. It has been an interesting process to review all this work.
Historical Society AGM is coming up.

Maltby Lake – Woody reports that the lake is high given the lack of rain. This is probably due to the work of the beaver at the old abandoned causeway. They have built dams and a third lodge there.
Historical Society AGM will happen this fall.

Next meeting – 1 November
Location: Pat Carfra’s house.